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Bazaar branches

Name Status Last Modified Last Commit
Series: trunk
1 Development 2023-07-17 10:05:58 UTC
38278. Revise comments in the desktop file.

Author: ib
Revision Date: 2023-07-17 10:05:58 UTC

Revise comments in the desktop file.

lp:~gabriel1984sibiu/mplayer/vaapi 1 Development 2015-06-01 11:58:04 UTC
5. prototyping function gethostbyname2

Author: grevutiu gabriel
Revision Date: 2015-06-01 11:58:04 UTC

prototyping function gethostbyname2

lp:~medibuntu-maintainers/mplayer/medibuntu.quantal bug 1 Development 2012-10-07 14:39:21 UTC
77. * Merge from Ubuntu: - put back faa...

Author: Gauvain Pocentek
Revision Date: 2012-10-07 14:38:33 UTC

* Merge from Ubuntu:
  - put back faac support
  - recommends apport-hooks-medibuntu
  - change Maintainer, Uploaders & Vcs-* fields.
* debian/rules: Enable radio support. Backported fix from r34656.
  (LP: #593548)
* Rebuild for latest x264.

lp:~medibuntu-maintainers/mplayer/medibuntu.precise 1 Development 2012-03-06 12:00:01 UTC
76. * Merge from Ubuntu: - put back faa...

Author: Gauvain Pocentek
Revision Date: 2012-03-06 11:59:12 UTC

* Merge from Ubuntu:
  - put back faac support
  - recommends apport-hooks-medibuntu
  - change Maintainer, Uploaders & Vcs-* fields.
* New upstream snapshot
* upload to unstable
* Build against external libmpeg2
* drop 51_FTBFS_arm.patch again
* no longer build depend on libcdparanoia-dev on the Hurd
* Fix FTBFS on the hurd.
  Thanks to Samuel Thibault <> (Closes: #654974)
* Fix FTBFS on arm
* New upstream snapshot, Closes: #650339, #643621, #481807
* Imported Upstream version 1.0~rc4+svn34492
* Bump standards version
* Bump dependency on libav >= 4:0.8~, Closes: #653887
* Fix build-indep
* Build mplayer-gui again, Closes: #568514
* Drop debian/, no longer needed
* include .dfsg1 in version number
* remove get-orig-source target
* no longer prune compiler flags from the environment
* No longer advertise nor build 3fdx, mga and dxr3 backends,
  Closes: #496106, #442181, #533546
* beautify mplayer version identification string
* Brown paperbag upload.
* Next try to fix build failure on sparce after recent binutils change.
* Brown paperbag upload.
* Really fix build failure on sparc after recent binutils change.
* Properly set Replaces/Conflicts on mplayer2{,-dbg} to avoid
  file overwrite errors.
* Adjust versioning of mplayer listed in the mplayer-dbg's Depends field.
* Fix build failure on sparc after recent binutils change.
* Urgency medium bumped because of RC-level bugfix
  and speeding up x264 transition.
* Update to my email.
* Upload to unstable
* Enable joystick support on Linux only, Closes: #638408
* Rebuild fixes toolchain issue on arm, Closes: #637077
* New upstream snapshot
* following the discussion started by Diego Biurrun <>
  in debian-devel, I have prepared a new packaging of 'mplayer'
  (with code that comes from CVS)
* the upstream cannot be distributed by Debian, since it contains
   CSS code; so I am repackaging it
* I have tried my best to address all known issues:
  - the package contains the detailed Copyright made by Diego Biurrun
  - the package does not contain CSS code, or AFAIK other code on which
     there is active patent enforcement
  - there is a script debian/ that shows all changes
     done to files included in this source.
    This should comply with GPLv2 sec 2.a (in spirit if not in letter)
    For this reason, the source code contains CVS directories.
* needs make (>= 3.80) for 'html-chunked-$(1)' in DOCS/xml/Makefile

* some corrections, as suggested Diego Biurrun
  - binary codecs should go into /usr/lib/codecs (upstream default)
  - better template 'mplayer/install_codecs'
  - an empty 'font=' in mplayer.conf breaks mplayer: postinst corrected
* correction in 'mplayer/cfgnote'
* better mplayer.postinst and mplayer.config

* New upstream release
* better debian/copyright file
* do not ship a skin
* New upstream release
  DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS is used as in debian policy
* use gcc-3.4
* changed xlibs-dev to a long list of dependencies, for Debian/etch
* try to adhere to
  (see README.Debian for details)
* removed dependency on xlibmesa-dev, disabled opengl
* New upstream release
* Simon McVittie <> wonderful work:
- Work around Debian bug #267442 (glibc's sys/uio.h and gcc's altivec.h have
  conflicting uses for __vector) by re-ordering #includes
- Fix potential symlink attack in ./configure
- Disable support for binary codecs on platforms for which those codecs
  aren't available; also disable the corresponding Debconf note when it's
- Changed Build-Depends: so it works in pbuilder
- Explicitly build-depend on libjpeg62-dev, libfontconfig1-dev,
- Tweak debian/rules to avoid certain errors being ignored
- Use --language=all
* provide a target 'debian/rules get-orig-source'
  that recreates the orig.tar.gz ; then use the above orig.tar.gz
* rewrote some parts of debian/rules
* don't clean and recompile docs if upstream ships them
* mplayer-doc was shipping too much stuff
* translated man pages where not installed properly
* compile with libdv4-dev
* correct README.Debian
* Forgot build-dep on libtheora
* Must not depend on libxvidcore
* New upstream release
* new release.
* rc1 to become 0.90
* new pre-release
* new pre-release
* gtk bug fixed.
* new release.
* version bumped
* 0.60 pre2 release
* 0.60 pre-release.

lp:~medibuntu-maintainers/mplayer/medibuntu.oneiric 1 Development 2011-08-21 08:42:15 UTC
75. * Merge from Ubuntu: - put back faa...

Author: Gauvain Pocentek
Revision Date: 2011-08-21 07:22:23 UTC

* Merge from Ubuntu:
  - put back faac support
  - recommends apport-hooks-medibuntu
  - change Maintainer, Uploaders & Vcs-* fields.
* New upstream snapshot
  - update 23mplayer-debug-printf.patch
  - fixes miscompilation with gcc 4.6, Closes: #623304
  - improved internal mkv demuxer, Closes: #595452
  - Fixed segfault due to missing sanitation on playlist files,
    Closes: #591525
  - Fixed byteorder on 16-bit displays, Closes: #594093
  - tighten build depends on libav
  - --enable-largefile switch has been dropped
  - add build dependency on yasm
* Fix build dependency on libjpeg-dev, Closes: #634277
* rewrite debian/copyright in DEP5 format
* fix clean target
* don't remove snapshot_version file
* enable XVID, MP3 and X264 encoders
* simply architecture specific dependencies, Closes: #634773
* make buildlogs verbose
* unbreak building mplayer-doc package
* don't fail debian package build if not all shlibdeps information could be retrieved
* update configure flags for static libav* libraries
* fix spelling in mplayer-dbg description, Closes: #617826
* enable blueray support, Closes: #577761
* Select oss as default audio output module on kFreeBSD, Closes: #598431
* Update documentation with regard to our modifications to the upstream tarball.
* really no longer build mplayer-gui, Closes: #612473
* simplify/remove instruction to get upstream sources
* normalize debian/{control,copyright,mplayer.install} with wrap-and-sort
* bump standards version

lp:~paulbrianstewart/mplayer/medibuntu.natty bug 1 Development 2011-08-18 22:57:35 UTC
75. *Changed the incorrect spelling of "u...

Author: Paul Stewart
Revision Date: 2011-08-18 22:35:53 UTC

*Changed the incorrect spelling of "usefule" to "useful"
*Changed incorrect spelling of "fullscreen" to "full-screen"
*Changed "abilities" to "capabilities"
*Changed "You only need these..." to "This package is required..."
*Changed instances of "mplayer" in the documentation text to a consistent "MPlayer" throughout

lp:~medibuntu-maintainers/mplayer/medibuntu.natty bug 1 Development 2011-04-09 15:39:34 UTC
74. fix my mail address, once again

Author: Gauvain Pocentek
Revision Date: 2011-04-09 15:39:34 UTC

fix my mail address, once again

lp:~medibuntu-maintainers/mplayer/medibuntu.hardy bug 2 Mature 2011-04-08 18:26:33 UTC
83. fix version

Author: Gauvain Pocentek
Revision Date: 2011-04-08 18:26:33 UTC

fix version

lp:~medibuntu-maintainers/mplayer/medibuntu.lucid 2 Mature 2010-10-14 12:25:41 UTC
71. release 2:1.0~rc3+svn20090426-1ubuntu...

Author: Gauvain Pocentek
Revision Date: 2010-10-14 12:25:41 UTC

release 2:1.0~rc3+svn20090426-1ubuntu16.1+medibuntu1 for lucid

lp:~medibuntu-maintainers/mplayer/medibuntu.maverick 1 Development 2010-09-25 10:02:05 UTC
72. release 2:1.0~rc4~try1.dsfg1-1ubuntu1...

Author: Gauvain Pocentek
Revision Date: 2010-09-25 10:01:35 UTC

release 2:1.0~rc4~try1.dsfg1-1ubuntu1+medibuntu1 for maverick

lp:~blueyed/mplayer/bug-540491 bug 1 Development 2010-03-17 20:38:45 UTC
66. * Fix installation of mplayer.conf an...

Author: Daniel Hahler
Revision Date: 2010-03-17 20:29:57 UTC

* Fix installation of mplayer.conf and
  Move them from mplayer-nogui (transitional package) to
  mplayer. (LP: #540491)
  - debian/rules

lp:~ubuntu-dev/mplayer/ubuntu 1 Development 2009-03-08 22:02:49 UTC
89. Sync with jaunty mplayer

Author: Alessio Treglia
Revision Date: 2009-03-08 22:02:49 UTC

Sync with jaunty mplayer

lp:~andreas-wenning/mplayer/ubuntu (Has a merge proposal) 1 Development 2009-01-30 18:39:57 UTC
87. * The following upstream FFmpeg revis...

Author: Andreas Wenning
Revision Date: 2009-01-30 18:36:13 UTC

* The following upstream FFmpeg revisions has been merged in to cope
  with X264 API changes: 15029, 15337, 15523
* Remove arts from dependencies. (LP: #320915)
  - debian/control: Remove libartsc0-dev from build depends.
  - debian/rules: Remove --enable-arts from CONFIGURE_AUDIO_OUT.

lp:~stefanlsd/mplayer/hardy 1 Development 2008-10-27 12:56:20 UTC
81. Fix for CVE-2008-3827

Author: Stefan Lesicnik
Revision Date: 2008-10-27 12:53:32 UTC

Fix for CVE-2008-3827

lp:~ubuntu-dev/mplayer/ubuntu-hardy 1 Development 2008-10-22 12:13:14 UTC
80. Fix CVE-2008-1558.

Author: William Grant
Revision Date: 2008-04-06 00:55:43 UTC

Fix CVE-2008-1558.

lp:~ubuntu-dev/mplayer/ubuntu-gutsy 2 Mature 2008-10-11 06:40:47 UTC
42. Merge CVE fixes from stefanlsd.

Author: William Grant
Revision Date: 2008-10-11 06:38:29 UTC

Merge CVE fixes from stefanlsd.

lp:~stefanlsd/mplayer/gutsy 1 Development 2008-10-11 06:35:42 UTC
45. changelog corrected as per new SUP

Author: Stefan Lesicnik
Revision Date: 2008-10-10 19:03:08 UTC

changelog corrected as per new SUP

lp:~stefanlsd/mplayer/dev 1 Development 2008-10-08 08:02:17 UTC
86. Fix for CVE-2008-3827

Author: Stefan Lesicnik
Revision Date: 2008-10-08 07:50:17 UTC

Fix for CVE-2008-3827

lp:~ubuntu-dev/mplayer/ubuntu-feisty 2 Mature 2008-03-08 23:27:09 UTC
36. Make it actually build.

Author: William Grant
Revision Date: 2008-03-08 23:24:34 UTC

Make it actually build.

lp:~tsimpson/mplayer/use-libgif4 1 Development 2007-12-27 13:43:46 UTC
67. Migrate to libgif from libungif Bump ...

Author: Terence Simpson
Revision Date: 2007-12-26 17:02:25 UTC

Migrate to libgif from libungif
Bump Standards-Version

lp:~raof/mplayer/use-compiz-vo bug 1 Development 2007-06-20 10:33:20 UTC
36. Resolve conflict with new -ubuntu11 r...

Author: Christopher James Halse Rogers
Revision Date: 2007-06-23 09:18:42 UTC

Resolve conflict with new -ubuntu11 release

lp:~ubuntu-dev/mplayer/upstream-ubuntu 1 Development 2005-12-31 23:51:46 UTC
5. move debian back to debian_upstream

Author: Mario Limonciello
Revision Date: 2007-11-03 11:02:22 UTC

move debian back to debian_upstream

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