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Recent revisions

37855. By al on 2017-11-16

demux lavf: mp_read: Propagate EOF

Return AVERROR_EOF from mp_read callback, if stream->eof is non-zero.

Fixes ticket #2335

37854. By al on 2017-11-14

configure: Broaden pattern to disable videotoolbox encoders

Fix build with internal FFmpeg >= FFmpeg commit e7a5249ab1

37853. By al on 2017-11-05

configure: Detect and use libopenjpeg2 only

Since FFmpeg commit 279dc40716 only supports OpenJPEG >= 2.1

As MPlayer only looked for OpenJPEG 1, that would lead
to a build failure if OpenJPEG 1 was found.

The new check uses pkg-config and does not #define OPJ_STATIC
anymore. I am not 100% sure about the latter, because I don't
really understand why we did this. It seems rather weird though.

If anyone understands when and why we need OPJ_STATIC it can
of course be brought back. Though I believe it is a rather
wrong concept to begin with.

37852. By al on 2017-11-03

configure: Remove useless line in helper function contains_item

When writing the function, I initially wanted to special case
the empty list case and just early return.

Turns out there is no need to do this. Additionally I checked
that "for x in ; do echo body ; done" is defined in POSIX and
will not execute the loop's body.

37851. By al on 2017-11-02

build: Adjust to new internal structure of FFmpeg TLS components

Backward compatibility is retained to make the transition less painful.

The relevant change is in FFmpeg commit 4600b0619a .

Before one could have both GnuTLS and OpenSSL enabled at the same
time and FFmpeg would pick whatever it finds first in the list
of available protocols. This is now impossible and having both
libraries enabled will result in a build failure. But I guess
that feature wasn't that useful anyway...

37850. By al on 2017-10-31

ve_lavc,ae_lavc: Adjust to work with newest FFmpeg again

This commit re-enables previously disabled lavc encoders.

The lavc audio encoder had no problems by itself after
my last commit, but could not stay enabled because of
the coupling of the lavcopts option.

Here follows a list of changes done to ve lavc

* Explicitly use 16 as upper limit for vmax_b_frames

  The FF_MAX_B_FRAMES #define was removed from FFmpeg's API.

  It was removed because there is no global limit to the number of
  b frames. While this is the most conservative change to address
  the removal of the #define, it may not be optimal because we do
  not allow for more than 16 b frames.

* Options that now need to be passed to the encoder as AVOption
  - lmin & lmax
  - vrc_strategy
  - vqsquish
  - vqmod_amp & vqmod_freq
  - vrc_eq
  - vrc_buf_aggressivity
  - vrc_init_cplx
  - ibias & pbias
  - border_mask
  - naq
  - gmc
  - vme

* Options that were dropped because they had no effect anymore
  - sc_factor

37849. By al on 2017-10-31

configure: Fix build with newer FFmpeg

Always enable CONFIG_ADTS_HEADER .

Needed since FFmpeg commit b9d3def9b2cb77eb83542086aa3ac883b4d7efa4 .

37848. By iive on 2017-10-28

Fix compilation with XvMC after FFmpeg version bump.

Use AV_PIX_FMT_XVMC. It has existed for few years, but
the old deprecated PIX_FMT has been left out for compatibility
and forgotten.

37847. By al on 2017-10-22

Fix build after FFmpeg major bump

* prefix constants to use AV_ prefix where appropriate
* remove vismv stuff, it is no longer supported as lavc option
* mencoder,libmpcodecs: Disable vf mcdeint, ve lavc and ae lavc

After latest FFmpeg major bumps, vf mcdeint and ve lavc don't
compile anymore. Fixing them is not exactly trivial, that is
why I do not want to do this together with the trivial changes.

Because ae lavc depends on ve lavc I had to disable ae lavc too.

I guess ae lavc could be easily enabled again if the dependency
on ve lavc could be avoided.

Disabling ae lavc and more importantly ve lavc is a major drawback
for mencoder. I hope we can re-enable them soon.

TODO: I left updating the docs for later.

37846. By al on 2017-10-21

Fix build with newer FFmpeg

Disable some bit stream filters (bsf) that require the
coded bit stream (cbs) module.

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