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master 2020-10-19 20:09:34 UTC 3 hours ago
shared/timeout-ell: Fix timeout wrapper implementation

Author: Inga Stotland
Author Date: 2020-10-05 04:19:32 UTC

shared/timeout-ell: Fix timeout wrapper implementation

This fixes the following issues:
- Correct user data is passed around to l_timeout_create():
  locally allocated timeout data is a valid "user data" to
  associate with a newly created timeout. Previously, user_data
  passed as an argument to timeout_add() was incorrectly used as
  an argument to l_timeout_create()
- To maintain common API and work around the issue when the conversion
  of a pointer to an unsigned int truncates the initial value, a queue
  of active timeouts is maintained where pointer each l_timeout structure
  is associate with a unique id. This id is returned when timeout_create()
  API is called and can be subsequently used with timeout_remove().

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