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9f50368... by Simon Mikuda <email address hidden>

main.conf: Add SecureConnections option

This introduces SecureConnections option to main.conf that can be used to
configure this on adapter initialization.

This is useful for:
- disable for adapters that have a problems with SecureConnections enabled
- if you want to disable CTKD (cross transport key derivation)
- add option to enable only SecureConnections

5a872af... by Luiz Augusto von Dentz <email address hidden>

client/player: Fix scan-build warning

This fixes the following warning:

client/player.c:1775:25: warning: Dereference of null pointer
iov_append(&cfg->caps, preset->data.iov_base, preset->data.iov_len);

818adf2... by Brian Gix <email address hidden>

tools: Use portable 64 bit data formats

The isotest executable was using the non-portable %zd string formatter
for loging 64 bit integers. This replaces them with PRId64.

e2b2b16... by Bastien Nocera

hostname: Fallback to transient hostname

After pretty hostname, and static hostname, also support transient
hostname as a last resort before 'BlueZ X.XX'.

This happens on Fedora's Workstation installation as it calls
"hostnamectl set-hostname" on startup. In Fedora Silverblue, the default
hostname is set as fedora in /etc/os-release.

In both cases, we should fall back to that transient hostname, as bad as
it could be.

Note that the transient hostname needs to be monitored through the
kernel directly, as explained in:

e515f4b... by Bastien Nocera

hostname: Add '' around printed strings

Otherwise we can't see whether the string is nul, or empty.

1ebbfee... by Luiz Augusto von Dentz <email address hidden>

unit: Introduce test-bap

Test Summary
Total: 6, Passed: 6 (100.0%), Failed: 0, Not Run: 0

7fcd688... by Luiz Augusto von Dentz <email address hidden>

shared/bap: Fix crash when canceling requests

If bt_bap_unref/bap_free is called while there is an ongoing pending
request it may endup calling into bap_notify_ready which will try to
notify ready callbacks while holding a reference, but in case the
reference is already 0 that means it would switch to 1 and back 0
causing a double free.

To prevent that bap_notify_ready now checks that the reference is not 0
with use of bt_bap_ref_safe.

918c73a... by Luiz Augusto von Dentz <email address hidden>

shared/tester: Add tester_io_set_complete_func

This adds tester_io_set_complete_func which can be used to set a
callback when all iovec has been sent/received.

f96bccd... by Luiz Augusto von Dentz <email address hidden>

shared/bap: Make use of util_iov helpers

This make use of util_iov helpers instead of reimplementing them.

7c2e276... by Luiz Augusto von Dentz <email address hidden>

shared/util: Add iovec helpers

This adds iovec helpers functions.