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William Candillon (wcandillon) wrote :

It looks very good.

Should the actual atomic type be present in the attribute element?
If you have "by @id" where @id can be 1 or "1", you might want to create two index keys?
If a key returns (), you might want to distinguish with empty string for probing later?

By using keys(), I got the following output:
<key xmlns=""><attribute value="hello"></attribute><attribute value="4"></attribute></key>

Is the namespace useful or does it just make the life of the user harder?
Why isn't it:
<keys><key value="hello" /><key value="4" /></keys>
Again, could you explain me how I'm supposed to probe from such XDM if one of the actual key returned empty sequence? Should the keys have a position attribute or something?

The doc/zorba/xqddf.dox doesn't seem to mention the function, it should no?

The xqdoc seems to have a formatting problem: the output example for keys() goes out of its box.

review: Needs Information

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