Code review comment for lp:~zephyrleaves/percona-server/row_cache

Stewart Smith (stewart) wrote :

On Mon, 14 May 2012 01:24:17 -0000, "Kevin.Huang" <email address hidden> wrote:
> The default value of innodb_row_cache_cell_num is 10000.
> You can set --innodb-buffer-pool-size=5GB --innodb_row_cache_mem_pool_size=5GB --innodb_row_cache_cell_num=10000
> and set --innodb-buffer-pool-size=10GB --innodb_row_cache_mem_pool_size=10GB --innodb_row_cache_cell_num=20000
> for test.

I suggest perhaps having a sensible default calculation for it, maybe
1000/GB of row cache? does that seems sensible?

Stewart Smith

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