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18. By Manish Sinha (मनीष सिन्हा) on 2013-07-04

* debian/patches/07_fix_gtkapplication.patch:
  - Fixes bug for wrong usage of GtkAPplication.
    (LP: #1058037, #1050620, #1197904)

17. By Sebastien Bacher on 2012-11-26

* debian/patches/06_add_unity_dash_privacy.patch:
  - drop trailing period from the online result label (lp: #1061930)

[ Margarita Manterola ]
* 05_fix_userdirs.patch:
  - Verify that a user directory exists before adding it to the hash map.
    (LP: #1024057)

16. By Evan on 2012-11-14

Breaks and Replaces for the previous upload.

15. By Evan on 2012-11-14

Move /usr/bin/whoopsie-preferences from activity-log-manager, which
isn't installed by default, to activity-log-manager-control-center,
which is (LP: #993056).

14. By Didier Roche on 2012-09-26

* debian/patches/05_add_missing_configvapi.patch:
  - add missing file which should be disted upstream for autoreconf
* Run autoreconf when building
* debian/patches/06_add_unity_dash_privacy.patch:
  - add unity dash privacy tab to the privacy g-c-c panel (LP: #1054746)

13. By Evan on 2012-04-11

* 02_handle_upstart_in_whoopsie.patch:
  - Run initctl start/stop whoopsie when enabling/disabling crash
    reporting (LP: #978917).
* 03_correct_path_to_whoopsie_preferences.patch:
  - The whoopsie_preferences binary is currently installed to /usr/bin.
* 04_correct_privacy_policy_url.patch:
  - Add a parameter to the end of the privacy policy URL, so that a policy
    specific to crash reporting can be provided.

12. By Didier Roche on 2012-04-04

* 01_move_to_personal_section.patch:
  - [UIFE] Adding landscape installer caused UI overflow (LP: #973130)

11. By Didier Roche on 2012-03-21

* New upstream release
  - make Diagnositics tab translatable (LP: #957891, #958483)
  - X-GNOME-Keywords is changed to Keywords (LP: #949849)
  - Fix untranslated strings in Application and History tab
  - Add border to folder blacklist TreeView
  - Fixed a segmentation fault dued to null pixbufs.
  - Make the AppSelection dialog to be orderer automatically by usage.
  - Force the size of the blacklisted directory's text to be consistent
    with the size of the label above.
  - Use "gtk-execute" as application's icon if the application's icon
    isn't in the current IconTheme.
  - Added "Today" and "Yesterday" instead of the date, matching the mockup.
  - The Folders blacklisted have icons if they are special folders
  - The blacklisted Folders list show the folder name and the folder
    path for each entry
  - [UIFe] Blacklisted special folder icons (from nautilus). (LP: #960498)
* debian/watch:
  - update to latest upstream url
* debian/control:
  - bump Standards-Version

10. By Didier Roche on 2012-03-05

* New upstream release
  - Application blacklist does not block application launches (LP: #930093)
  - Application selection TreeView should show last used and usage
    (LP: #925638)
  - Typo in /src/history-widget.vala:68 (LP: #944993)
  - The Application selection list shows usage of applications
  - Some whoopsie related files have been added to i18n system
* debian/patches/fix-i18n.patch:
  - removed, usptreamed

9. By Gabor Kelemen on 2012-03-02

* debian/patches/fix-i18n.patch:
  - Add policy.in file to POTFILES.in,
  - Makefile changes to make the policy file translatable
  - Add type description to the ui file, to extract its messages correctly,
  - Rename policy file to make it translatable, also remove gettext domain
* Run dh_translations during build, also build-dep on it. (LP: #944362)

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