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9ef03d7... by Dimitri John Ledkov

curtin/distro.py: add rocky as a RHEL-like variant

Rocky Linux declares ID_LIKE="rhel centos fedora" which causes
grub-install to install into "redhat" EFI vendor path. That is not
correct, as rocky variant should instead install into "rocky" EFI
vendor path. This is based on inspecting Rocky Linux grub &
rocky-release RPMs.

LP: #1955671

Signed-off-by: Dimitri John Ledkov <email address hidden>

38a5455... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

Update pylint version in tox.ini

The currently specified version does not work with the typing module
from Python 3.9, thus causing spurious isses on impish.

891e82c... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

block_meta: implement v2 partitioning

v2 partitioning respects supplied offsets and deletes
unreferenced partitions.

484ec0d... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

Stop running CI against Python 2

We are going to stop supporting Python 2 in future
development. There is plenty more stuff we can rip out as a
consequence of this but dropping it from CI is the first step and
unblocks other changes.

bfbba20... by Olivier Gayot

Make sure curthooks do not discard APT preferences

Although APT preferences applied properly when running curtin
apt-config, we observed during a full installation using Subiquity that
the preferences would not be honored when installing packages from the
"packages" autoinstall section.

This happened because the installation of packages occur after running
curthooks. Curtooks call handle_apt with an almost empty configuration.
Therefore, we would overwrite the preferences by removing the
etc/apt/preferences.d/90curtin.pref file.

It is to be noted that the same behavior occurs for the APT proxy.

Fixed by not removing etc/apt/preferences.d/90curtin.pref when the
configuration does not contain APT preferences.

Signed-off-by: Olivier Gayot <email address hidden>

36c0035... by Olivier Gayot

Remove leftover debug print statement

efc8398... by Olivier Gayot

Fix format of examples/apt-source.yaml

5be09bf... by Olivier Gayot

Implement support for APT preferences in apt-config

048db82... by Dan Bungert

build-deb: changelog gen with dch

* primary reason for this is to generate the changelog with a real
* remove template debian/changelog.trunk
* assume debian version 0ubuntu1
* let dch manage the changelog file

7ca17ac... by Dan Bungert

vmtests uefi: relax the uefi check

The addition of extra members of the efi dir is not a failure.
Relax this check to just a basic check that the efi dir is there.