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5b3d24d... by Olivier Gayot

install: allow to perform an install in incremental invocations

e60b738... by Dan Bungert

block: genericize kname generation

16a0c5c... by Olivier Gayot

usage: fix help that showed invalid JSON in examples

The usage showed examples to override the stages that are
executed when running curtin install. That said, JSON only
accepts strings surrounded by double quotes and the examples use
single quotes. This leads to invalid JSON syntax if the examples
are copied.

Fixed by inverting the quotes used in the examples so that the
examples are valid.

d986f00... by Michael Hudson-Doyle

tests: use 'ip route' and 'ss' instead of 'route' and 'netstat'

net-tools is (a) ancient (b) apparently not installed on some CI hosts

dda5299... by Dan Bungert

block/v2: gpt preserve uuid,name,attrs,first-lba

0415942... by Olivier Gayot

doc: remove duplicate section about extract subcommand

867a142... by Dan Bungert

version to 22.1

1ffe23d... by Dan Bungert

deb: fix dependencies

Required for bionic build, also more correct anyhow.

49ad908... by Dan Bungert

tox: drop xenial-py3 from default env list

Running xenial-era python packages against modern python is not likely
to be successful! If this is an interesting test then we should support
that all the way - with a matching python version and other
dependencies, or not at all.

7e292c9... by Dan Bungert

block/v2: preserve disk label id

Windows will report a boot failure if the disk label ID changes and
nothing else.