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95813f2... by Ryan Harper 4 hours ago

vmtests: adjust lvm_iscsi dnames to match configuration

Previous to dname/bcache changes, we failed to check the correct dname

In we included a test_dname override to prevent checking dname
on trusty but it failed to call the parent class if we weren't skipping.

Commit 12d7163cea8, make_dname, replaced all of the per-subclass checks
for trusty and added the SkipTest to the base class implementation which
then showed the error.

This change adjusts the dnames to match what's actually generated.

df7f589... by Scott Moser on 2018-04-20

vmtest: always boot with BOOTIF and ip=:::::BOOTIF:dhcp

This excercises part of boot that was excercised in MAAS but not here.
Cloud-initramfs-dyn-netconf translates BOOTIF to the device name.

See bug #1749019 for some more context.

12d7163... by Ryan Harper on 2018-04-19

make_dname for bcache should use backing device uuid

bcache minor numbers are not stable across reboots which means
the dname symlinks pointing to a bcacheN isn't going to be stable either.
Instead, build a udev rule that links the backing device's bcache uuid
to the assigned dname. Additionally also update the backing device
'label' sysfs attribute with the dname value.

This does rely on changes to bcache-tools to trigger the rules, currently
there is a kernel bug (LP: #1729145) which is pending, and a user-space
workaround in bcache-tools (LP: #1728742). Either is sufficent for
the updated rules to be effective.

Some additional fixes found during this work

  - don't append .rule to rule files, they already have .rule
  - removed, duplicate of mdadm_bcache.yaml

05de781... by Ryan Harper on 2018-04-19

zfsroot: add additional checks, do not require disk 'serial' attribute

Add some additional validation to the storage config when using 'zfsroot'
format type. Ensure that the bootdisk is formated with GPT. Allow a
storage config using zfsroot/zpool to work with disks without a 'serial'
attribute, but log a warning that the pool may be unstable due to changes
in device names. Add unittests; update documentation with restrictions.

LP: #1760879
LP: #1760880

572ae5d... by Ryan Harper on 2018-04-18

clear-holders: fix lvm name use when shutting down

The shutdown_lvm handler was reconstructing the name of
the lvm device incorrectly if the vg or lv name included
a hyphen. LVM requires names with hyphens to duplicate the hyphen.
Resolve this issue by keeping the original name from the sysfs
entry and using that when issuing the dmsetup command.

LP: #1764602

1d4d17c... by Ryan Harper on 2018-04-17

install: prevent unmount: disabled from swallowing installation failures

Using a 'return' or 'break' command in a finally block will discard
any saved exception. The return also removed a code path preventing
the install stage from applying any power state. Fix by converting to
an if/else.

LP: #1764210

fc19cec... by Ryan Harper on 2018-04-17

vmtest: bionic images no longer use the vlan package

Bionic images do not use the 'vlan' package to provide vlan
network configuration; skip this on bionic images.

2ee5245... by Scott Moser on 2018-04-13

pycodestyle: Fix invalid escape sequences in string literals.

A bit of information from python doc that I got by never having known:
  String literals may optionally be prefixed with a letter `r' or `R';
  such strings are called raw strings and use different rules for
  backslash escape sequences.
  Unless an `r' or `R' prefix is present, escape sequences in strings are
  interpreted according to rules similar to those used by Standard C.

So basically, any use of \ not followed by one of [\'"abfnrtv]
or \ooo (octal) \xhh (hex) or a newline is invalid. This is most
commonly seen for us in regex. To solve, you either:
 a.) use a raw string r'...'
 b.) correctly escape the \ that was not intended to be interpreted.

Python has deprecated these invalid string literals now
and pycodestyle is identifying them with a W605 warning.

45564ee... by Scott Moser on 2018-03-28

Drop ubuntu branch management script new-upstream-snapshot.

This script was used for managing our ubuntu/ branches.
Instead of maintaining it here, we have moved it to another location.

ad8bcca... by Chad Smith on 2018-03-27

Release 18.1