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Henning Eggers (henninge) wrote :

ok, I understand the reasoning for the placement of the link and I am happy to go along with it now. What I cannot go along with, though, is that it simply disappears when the user clicks on it. I am using a larger screen today and so I see the green flash on the table but I am certain that users will be be missing it just like I did on my smaller laptop screen yesterday. Or they don't pay attention. Or they have tunnel vision. ;-) In any case, the action needs a feedback about success or failure in the same place where it is requested. So it should go: <icon> Build now -> <spinner> Requesting build ... -> <checkmark or info> 2 builds have been queued OR <error> Request failed. That response does not have to survive a page reload, though.

the page notification looks good, thanks for adding that. ;)


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