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Ian Booth (wallyworld) wrote :

> > - The feed-back problem also made me think if the button is placed correctly
> in the first place. I actually think it should be placed by the table (which
> represents operational data about the builds) and not in the recipe
> information (which represents static data about the recipe). While writing
> this, I became very sure that it has to be moved. It should go right under the
> "Latest builds" heading in a line expressing the current state ("it is stale"
> but worded better ;).
> >
> Ok. I'll mock something up and see how that looks.

A further thought on this. The Build Now link was put next to the recipe build_daily field on the ui because the two belong together. The Build Now link is only shown if the build_daily field is true. So it makes sense they are rendered together. The trouble with putting it in the builds table is that it decreases the visual association with the build_daily field which controls its existence. Also, using the words "is stale" or similar has a negative connotation and suggests to the user that action is required on their part to "correct" some problem. But there's no real problem as such and users may be enticed to keep selecting Build Now when the next scheduled daily build will take care of it. If the browser window is a largish size, then the new build rows will be visible when they are flashed green so that does give feedback that "something" has happended.

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