Code review comment for lp:~vlad-lesin/percona-server/pintables

Vlad Lesin (vlad-lesin) wrote :

Thank you for code review. But I have a couple of questions.

> A few things:
> - We're now having test cases in the patch file rather than just in the mysql-
> test patch. This allows each patch to be more self contained

Yes, I saw it. And I added the tests as a set of files in mysql-test/innodb_preload_tables.patch directory. But I use a global system variable to point what exactly tables need to be preloaded. And there is a requirement to have a particular test files in mysql-test/suite/sys_vars per each system variable. But the script can install tests only to ${PERCONA_SERVER}/mysql-test/ directory from *.patch dirs but not to ${PERCONA_SERVER}/mysql-test/sys_vars. That's why I have to use mysql-test.diff file to add tests for a global system variable to mysql-test/suite/sys_vars directory. I saw the other patches which added a new system variables to server and they use mysql.diff for this purpose too.

> - in your test case, you can use a loop to bulk load data (in a single
> transaction is a good idea, much quicker to run test then) instead of a list
> of everything.

Thank you. I use loops in test file. But when I generated result file my loops in test file unrolled to a set of particular requests in result file. Is it possible to use loops in result file as well?

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