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Laurynas Biveinis (laurynas-biveinis) wrote :

> > - The warning for "a->b,c->d" syntax seems to be repeated for
> > each comma, so "a->b,c->d,e->f" would print the warning twice,
> > which is unnecessary.
> Fixed.

What was the fix?

The relevant code reads

      if (*ptr == ',')
 warning("The comma-separated list of rewritings syntax is obsolete and is discarded in 5.7\n");
        *(ptr++)= 0;

In order to warn only once for e.g. --rewrite-db="a->b,c->d,e->f" --rewrite-db="g->h,i->j,k->l", it would need some sort of global flag already_warned_for_comma_syntax.

Or am I missing something here?

If you need to repush, then also please fix indentation at diff lines 216, 220, 227, 231, and curly brace not having own line at 217.

> > - Does running our testcases on MySQL 5.7 give the expected
> > results?
> No because 5.7 does not support our syntax.

Right, but accounted for syntax changes? Does our and their order of applying --database= --rewrite-db= agree?

review: Needs Information

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