Merge lp:~vila/bzr/1509156-stricter-readonly into lp:bzr

Proposed by Vincent Ladeuil
Status: Superseded
Proposed branch: lp:~vila/bzr/1509156-stricter-readonly
Merge into: lp:bzr
To merge this branch: bzr merge lp:~vila/bzr/1509156-stricter-readonly
Reviewer Review Type Date Requested Status
Richard Wilbur Pending
Review via email:

This proposal has been superseded by a proposal from 2016-01-21.

Commit message

Forbid more operations on ReadonlyTransportDecorator

Description of the change

This fixes bug #1509156 by forbidding rename() and open_write_stream() to be called on a transport decorated with ReadonlyTransportDecorator.

This ensures such transports can't be misused but so far they only allowed renaming existing files.

So this fix mostly closes the remaining holes but doesn't change the intent of the decorator.

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Richard Wilbur (richard-wilbur) wrote :

I think this is a great idea, Vincent. 9 hours after you made the merge proposal, the diff still doesn't show! ("Updating diff...
An updated diff will be available in a few minutes. Reload to see the changes.")

Sounds like something is stuck. I don't know that approving it will be sufficient to merge it at this point when it is confused about the changes.

Vincent Ladeuil (vila) wrote :

The bug was embargoed for security reasons but really, after diagnosing, there is no security issue there.

6609. By Vincent Ladeuil on 2016-01-21

Complete the explanation.

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