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Sam Spilsbury (smspillaz) wrote :

Looks like a useful tool, I have some questions though:

1. It seems like the purpose of this code is to throw up a window that the user can make fullscreen and unfullscreen (and/or pop up a dialog to redirect). That doesn't really guarantee that you're actually testing fullscreen window unredirection, because you need to be running compiz for it to work (and that just assumes that fullscreen window unredirection works in compiz). Maybe add a warning and/or start compiz if not started
2. Does it belong in the compiz source tree? Seems like it might be better as a separate driver test suite.

On a much broader note:

I think that providing integration tests like these for the drivers would be very useful, however, their use would just go up ten-fold if we could automate them and run them as a job in the QA lab.

Have you considered making a standalone integration test that doesn't depend on a running instance of compiz or anything like that? That makes it far easier for developers to rule out compiz using the API incorrectly as the problem. For example, the test would:

1. create a window
2. create a subwindow with an opengl visual
3. call XCompositeRedirectSubWindows
4. call XCompositeUnredirectWindow on the opengl subwindow
5. call XCompostieRedirectWindow on the opengl subwindow

You can then effectively script it to redirect and unredirect the subwindow as much as you want.

It might be that drivers only get upset when a composite overlay window is in use, so it might be worth looking into automating it that way.

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