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Bryce Harrington (bryce) wrote :

Utkarsh, the FFe process (at least, the required mechanics) is documented here:

But, as Andreas alludes to, the spirit of the process is to ensure confidence that the update in question is safe to include. That involves making a technical decision as to the balance between the update's risk and reward, and thinking about if an issue does crop up will you be in a position to get it addressed quickly enough.

At the start it's a good idea to make a quick evaluation if you think the effort of getting to that level of confidence will be worth the time investment, particularly when the size of the upstream diff is large, as it is in this case. Look if there are bugs reported to ubuntu that would be fixed by this release. Look at upstream if there are post-release follow-on commits or discussions on their mailing list, that might indicate the release had problems. Review the release notes or changelog for any items that seem questionable (such as Andreas has flagged above), and for bug fixes that sound like they might be important for Ubuntu users. At the same time, take note if there are high-value fixes or features that users are going to really want. Consider also the nature of the software: if it's a central piece of IT infrastructure like a web server, or a library that lots of things depend on then it might pay more to be ultra-conservative than if it is developer tool.

Once you've taken all the above into account, decide if you feel it is worth proceeding with the FFe. If you do, then the next step would be to do a detailed analysis at least of the questions Andreas raised. If possible, while it's not strictly required by FFe, I like to do a detailed patch-by-patch review of all the changes. The FFe process does expect some rigorous testing, however, so for this you'd want to run any testsuites you can put your hands on, and set up a autofs installation that you can do some manual sanity checking and smoke testing on.

You can see examples of other FFe's currently in flight here, for reference:

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