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4119. By Marco Trevisan (Treviño)

Unity: use new definition of infinite CompRegion's

4118. By Marco Trevisan (Treviño)

CairoBaseWindow: don't try to compute the blur of an invalid texture

Nux isn't smart enough to protect us.

4117. By Marco Trevisan (Treviño)

Unity use track_obj to safely connect to UScreen and Settings signals (LP: #1748330)

4116. By CI Train Bot Account

Releasing 7.4.5+16.04.20171201.3

4115. By CI Train Bot Account

* InputMonitor: add an unity class that monitors XInput2 events and
  converts them to XEvent
* EdgeBarrierController: use InputMonitor to get the barrier events
  instead of relying on its implementation
* DecorationsMenuLayout: use input monitor for menu scrubbing (LP:
* PanelView: use InputMonitor to track menu events
* LockScreenPanel: use InputMonitor events instead of mouse polling
  for menu scrubbing
* MenuManager: add support for mouse trackers with triangle algorithm
  support (LP: #1618405)
* PanelView: scale gradient refinement properly
* PanelService: don't allow to deactivate menus if they've been opened
  too shortly
* LockScreenController: ignore icon_paths_changed signal in
  menumanager for Lockscreen
* LockScreenController: use InputMonitor to get all the events and
  hide the Blank Window (LP: #1321075)
* LockScreenController: use input monitor to get the events to switch
  monitor (LP: #1316862)
* LauncherOptions: use track_obj to manage option changes (LP:
* UnityScreen: toggle gestures recognition on lock (LP: #1645507)
* GnomeSessionManager: add gcancellable to instance and use it for
  calls with temporary proxies
* BackgroundSettings: use gnome-bg to generate textures with proper
  scaling (LP: #1666359)
* UnityWindow: safely check validity of UnityWindow from scaled one
  (LP: #1659847)
* Panel: ensure the menu-manager tracker is updated to match monitor
  (LP: #1671432)
* compiz-profile-setter: tool to update the current profile and use in
  systemd and Unity settings (LP: #1668950)
* BGHash, UnityScreen: get desktop averageColor from compiz
* Launcher: disable or reduce most icon effects on lowgfx (LP:
* PanelController: ensure we disconnect from signals on destruction
  (LP: #1504870)
* tools: add migration script to set the default values for unity-
  lowgfx profile
* Properly handle the file manager copy dialog in
  FileManagerLauncherIcon and in StorageLauncherIcon. (LP: #1575452,
  LP: #1609845)
* Correctly position the force quit dialog when scaling is different
  than 1.0 (LP: #1637991)
* GnomeSession: Retrieve the session id using dbus if $XDG_SESSION_ID
  is not set
* Round gtk scaling factor to closest integer. (LP: #1649736)
* Keep the screen locked if rebooting with autologin. (LP: #1600389)
* Use g_mkdir_with_parents instead of mkdir.
* Lockscreen: always draw the background-color in the lockscreen (LP:
* Refactor the way UserAuthenticator is created and passed around.
  Handle failures to create new threads and fallback to a "Switch to
  greeter..." button in case of failure. (LP: #1311316)
* Wait until the color buffer is cleared before suspending. (LP:
* UnitySettings: If scale-factor is not set, find and set right scale
  for HiDPI displays.
* shouldn't create blur rectangles when there's no blur, skips the
  blur rects processing in low gfx.
* removes lowgfx option from ccsm, reads the "lowgfx" gsetting (LP:
* Fixed tooltip scaling issues. (LP: #1673950)

4114. By CI Train Bot Account

Releasing 7.4.0+16.04.20160906-0ubuntu1

4113. By CI Train Bot Account

* SwitcherView: always disable animations when in lowgfx mode (LP:
* When locked discard damages from windows below lockscreen. (LP:
* DecoratedWindow: display unmaximize button if the window is
  vertically or horizontally maximized (LP: #1608480)
* Make sure the switcher detail view is properly scaled. Also scale
  the xy_offset to make sure the switcher and launcher do not overlap.
  (LP: #1605256)
* Close session dialog on first ESC. (LP: #1521116)
* Filter out scrolling envents for FilterExpanderLabel. (LP: #1604632)
* Disable menu discovery animation if MenusDiscoveryDuration is 0.
  (LP: #942962)
* Redraw fake decorations on window resize. (LP: #940470)
* Use compiz::Window::serverNext instead of compiz::Window::next in
  IsWindowObscured as the latter can be outdated just after
  scale/spread terminates. (LP: #1614116)
* DecoratedWindow: avoid deferencing an invalid shadow texture ptr,
  and split functions (LP: #1608464)
* DecoratedWindow: display unmaximize button if the window is
  vertically or horizontally maximized (LP: #1608480)
* DecorationsForceQuitDialog: make CSS selectors work with gtk 3.20
* UserAuthenticatorPam: ensure pam_handle_ is null initialized and
  don't proceed if not set (LP: #1611668)
* DecorationStyle: set css name for Gtk 3.20
* OverlayRenderer: properly decorate launcher/panel when the launcher
  is at the bottom (LP: #1611694)
* OverlayRenderer: don't use rotated textures, just rotate them at
  rendering time
* SpreadWidgets: add container for spread filter and new spread
  decorations (LP: #1283314)
* WindowButton: properly partially unmaximize a window when
  middle/left clicking in the restore button (LP: #1616136)

4112. By CI Train Bot Account

Releasing 7.4.0+16.04.20160801.2-0ubuntu1

4111. By CI Train Bot Account

* FileManagerLauncherIcon: Don't trust the Quirk::VISIBLE in the ctor.
  (LP: #1599133)
* [TrashLauncherIcon] Create GFileMonitor in an idle to avoid blocking
  calls. (LP: #1602720)
* [LockSceen] Remove numlock warning. (LP: #1526322)
* Make sure initiate and terminate callbacks are not empty before
  calling them. (LP: #1605012)
* Properly destroy close_button_ to properly disconnect lambda. (LP:
* Use the standard notification-device-eject in the "device eject"
  notification. This allows us to scale it properly on high-dpi
  setups. (LP: #1605231)
* Add tools to enforce unityshell plugin for the current profile and
  add "move" and "resize" plugins as requirements. (LP: #1506023, LP:
  #1605007, LP: #1604657)
* Unity script: use result from unity_support_test to check the right
  COMPIZ_CONFIG_PROFILE to use (LP: #1602377)
* LockScreenAcceleratorController: ensure callbacks are valid before
  calling them (LP: #1605012)
* DecoratedWindow: Added shadows for shaped windows (LP: 1608418)
* DecoratedWindow: Cleanup shadows for shaped windows, reduce
  recomputation (LP: #1608418)
* UnityWindowView: don't try to deference close_button_ if its' null

4110. By CI Train Bot Account

Releasing 7.4.0+16.04.20160715-0ubuntu1

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