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nick rundy (nrundy) wrote :

This is an LTS. So shouldn't you guys be SOLELY concerned with refining and bug fixing what already exists? Like being able to use PageUp & PageDown in the Dash. Or being able to use the keyboard shortcuts (e.g., Alt+F10) when in the Dash. Or being able to set the time & date format so that it is universally shown the same way throughout the OS. Or being able to use the up/down keys to navigate to the launcher apps that are represented in Spread Mode.

There are so many "small" things. Bugs are a big problem in Ubuntu. Honestly, if you guys want to add "new features", DELAY the release of Precise and add them. You guys choose to stick to a six month release. So come LTS time, stay disciplined and give users a highly refined product. That is, spend all your time refining and bug fixing.

Cover Flow is pretty cool. I'm not knocking it. But bug fixing and refinement is more important to users, especially for an LTS. And especially considering that many of the same bugs that plagued 10.04 still exist. There are more than a dozen bugs that might be deemed "minor" but that really detract from a positive user-experience on Ubuntu. I would really like to see these bugs fixed for the LTS. If adding this Cover Flow takes any time away from bug fixing "minor" stuff, I say do NOT do it.

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