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David Barth (dbarth) wrote :

Jason, I appreciate this is a nice feature and was done on your spare time. Nonetheless, this cannot land, the reasons being:

- there are no tests; no exceptions...

- this is a feature for which performance *is* a quality requirement: the dash can't become slow because that code is not performant; the same way there were performance issues last cycle with other views, I want facts to prove that this widget / view will perform well: how does it work with 100 entries? what's the startup time impact? is icon loading performed on the fly, or in one batch at the start?
See for a reference.

- the list of required design changes is quite long: which means that the costs of accepting that feature is significant: impact on design, on platform, on unity-2d: i'd rather not add more to the feature development overhead and instead focus on getting higher quality for the LTS

- the feature was unplanned, not tracked anywhere: remember that we're targeting an LTS with this version of Unity

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