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2b27d1a... by Brian Murray

Don't Traceback if the service is missing

9950ce5... by Brian Murray

There are no trusty lxd images available right now.

40d82fc... by Brian Murray

Merge remote-tracking branch 'paride/suppoted-esm'

891aa15... by Brian Murray

Create images for all supported releases (esm and non-esm)

8c1ea51... by Brian Murray

update the lxdarmhf workers with ones that have been redeployed and comments

e6f4642... by Brian Murray

rebalance the workers now that bos01 is working again

e2bcdc6... by Brian Murray

Do not crash when trying to write to influx.

Being unable to write to the influx database should not prevent our
being able to cleanup instances.

17a33c6... by Brian Murray

Impish Indri has reached its End of Life.

33e6eef... by Paride Legovini

armhf-lxd.userdata: adapt to scsi-virtio block device names

RT #150418 set hw_disk_bus=scsi, hw_scsi_model=virtio-scsi on imported
Ubuntu images in scalingstack. This caused a change in the block device
names from /dev/vdX to /dev/sdX. This change adapts the armhf-lxd.userdata
to the new naming.

9f2dd7a... by Brian Murray

Log when we can't delete an instance.