Last commit made on 2021-02-24
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2a98c0d... by Iain Lane 17 hours ago

worker: Add 'Temporary failure resolving' to fail strings

We're seeing a looping test at the minute where something in the test
apparently breaks DNS. Make it be a real failure instead.

ec9231d... by Iain Lane on 2021-02-20

worker: Missing comma in list of fail strings

This would have broken all the following fail strings, meaning auto
retries didn't work ...

7d6b80a... by Brian Murray on 2021-02-17

Merge remote-tracking branch 'jawn-smith/long-software-properties'

f314784... by William Wilson on 2021-02-16

Removing software-properties from long_tests since the tests are now smaller

7ebd7aa... by Julian Andres Klode on 2021-02-04

Merge branch 'long-software-properties' of git+ssh://

063544d... by William Wilson on 2021-02-03

Adding software-properties to long_tests to resolve armhf timeouts

1d7d45f... by Iain Lane on 2021-01-22

Merge branch 'big_packages-r-bioc-beachmat' of git+ssh://

9fd5711... by Iain Lane on 2021-01-22

worker: Make the 'Temporary failure resolving' check more specific

We usually see this in apt when downloading deps, make it only trigger

A problem we have currently is that apport's tests legitimately output
this string, and we're treating it as a tempfail when it should be a
real result.

1fca264... by Graham Inggs on 2021-01-21

Add r-bioc-beachmat to big_packages

4d5e88a... by Ɓukasz Zemczak on 2021-01-20

Merge branch 'mysql-connector-cpp-big' of