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28. By Michael Terry on 2011-04-06

New upstream release

27. By Michael Terry on 2011-04-01

* debian/patches/10_ubuntu_show_embedded_menus.patch:
  - Show embedded menu bars. LP: #707606

26. By Robert Ancell on 2011-01-06

New upstream release

25. By Michael Terry on 2010-12-17

* New upstream release 3.7.2.
* debian/control: libgladeui-1-10 becomes libgladeui-1-11 due to soname
* debian/libgladeui-1-11.install: renamed from libgladeui-1-10.install.
* debian/rules: update DH_MAKESHLIBS for libgladeui soname change.
* debian/control: libgladeui-1-dev should be Arch: any and strictly Depends
  on the binary version of libglade-1-11. This also corrects the lintian
  warnings about being binNMUable and a weak library dev dependency.
* debian/control: drop Build-Depends-Indep requirements, they are no longer
  necessary, plus there is no Arch-Indep package left.
* debian/watch: Fix pattern so that it works

24. By Martin Pitt on 2010-12-01

releasing version 3.7.1-0ubuntu1

23. By Martin Pitt on 2010-12-01

add bug ref

22. By Robert Ancell on 2010-12-01

* debian/control:
  - Use standards-version 3.9.1
  - Fix aditional -> additional spelling mistake
  - Use tighter dependency on libgladeui-1-10 for libgladeui-1-dev
* debian/source:
  - Use source version 3.0
* debian/rules:
  - Drop simple-patchsys.mk, not required in soruce version 3.0

21. By Robert Ancell on 2010-11-30

* New upstream release 3.7.1.
* debian/patches/02_spinbutton-adjustment.patch: dropped, applied upstream.
* debian/patches/03_fix-vbox-orientation.patch: dropped, applied upstream.
* debian/patches/04_do_not_escape_utf8.patch: dropped, applied upstream.
* debian/control.in: Bump libgtk2.0-dev (Build-)Depends to 2.20.0.
* debian/control.in: libgladeui-1-9 becomes libgladeui-1-10 due to SONAME
* debian/libgladeui-1-10.install: renamed from libgladeui-1-9.install.
* debian/rules: update DH_MAKESHLIBS for libgladeui soname change.
* debian/patches/90_linking_doc_in_natty.patch: fix linking for doc scanner
  on Natty.
* debian/control: re-applying debian/control.in changes in debian/control.

20. By Michael Vogt on 2010-08-30

* debian/patches/04_do_not_escape_utf8.patch:
  - cherry pick fix for utf8 encodng issue from upstream that causes
    strings to be not translatable (LP: #625859)

19. By Didier Roche on 2010-04-01

releasing version 3.7.0.is.3.6.7-0ubuntu1

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