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1f9f71c... by Balint Reczey on 2019-07-05

supported-cloud: Seed ec2-hibinit-agent

a30845a... by Adam Conrad on 2019-04-15

Seed linux-restricted-modules.

53a2ce9... by Michael Hudson-Doyle on 2019-04-12

add lxd-installer to supported-cloud seed

661d380... by Corey Bryant on 2019-03-22

Drop masakari binary packages from misc-servers.

Dropping these for disco and will likely add them back next release.

0593896... by Corey Bryant on 2019-03-07

Add masakari binary packages to misc-servers.

964d273... by Andreas Hasenack on 2019-02-12

Add comment explaining why we are keeping authbind

Originally added in 2005:

Ubuntu devel thread:

authbind is still used in Launchpad, and possibly other services.

774c1d6... by Adam Conrad on 2019-02-21

supported-cloud: Seed linux-oracle and friends.

fbb2788... by Dimitri John Ledkov on 2019-02-21

Revert "Mailman3 is the future."

This reverts commit 8afcf1a8abc1d9f3f9f220de20c02a858bd432e3.

8afcf1a... by Dimitri John Ledkov on 2019-02-18

Mailman3 is the future.

679b304... by Adam Conrad on 2019-01-31

Seed devscripts to supported-development-common.