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Bartosz Kosiorek (gang65) wrote :

Awensome work Nekhelesh.

Here my 2 cents:
1. Clicking/touching stopwatch icon should swipe to the corresponding Page (Stopwatch, World Clock)
2. In full sun it is hard to read when stopwatch is enabled, and when not. Some improvement proposal:
   - Change "Start" button color to green and "Stop" button color to red.
   - Enable "Seconds hand". I will visualise the stopwatch progress. It will be also very similar with World Clock. When you press "Lap" button, it will be restarted.
3. During pressing "Lap" it is hard to notice what was happen. Some numbers are changing. Maybe some small "lap scroll down" animation will improve that UX. What do you think?
4. It will be good to add some visual details which will be unique for Stop Watch, so user will know for first look what page it is displayed.

review: Needs Information

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