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228. By Iain Lane on 2015-05-13

* Merge stable release from Debian to vivid. (LP: #1454776), remaining
  - d/p/0001-Don-t-warn-about-deprecated-properties-by-default.patch:
    + Don't warn about deprecated properties by default

227. By Iain Lane on 2015-04-21

debian/patches/0001-Fix-trashing-on-overlayfs.patch: Cherry-pick patch
from upstream bug to fix trash on live CDs (LP: #1445622).

226. By Iain Lane on 2015-04-16

Use upstream's patch instead.

225. By Lars Karlitski on 2015-04-16

* debian/patches/0001-Don-t-warn-about-deprecated-properties-by-
  - Don't warn about deprecated properties by default (lp: #1430307)

224. By Iain Lane on 2015-03-30

* New upstream release 2.44.0
  + gsocket: Document FD ownership with g_socket_new_from_fd()

223. By Iain Lane on 2015-03-18

* New upstream release 2.43.92
  + GUnixMountMonitor now properly supports multiple main contexts
  + many documentation improvements and cleanups.
  + new support for HTTP proxies in GIO
  + new GTask:completed property
  + use "private" futexes in order to further improve the performance of the
    contended case of GMutex and g_bit_lock()
* debian/libglib2.0-0.symbols: Add new symbols for this release.

222. By Iain Lane on 2015-03-03

* New upstream release 2.43.91
  - We have now added 'g_autofree' as a libgsystem-style autocleanup macro
    that calls g_free() on the content of a local variable when it leaves
    scope (working only on GCC and clang).
  - GApplication now has an "is-busy" property, allowing one to query the
    effective busy state.
* debian/libglib2.0-0.symbols: Add new symbols for this release.

221. By Iain Lane on 2015-02-19

* New upstream release 2.43.90
  + new GSimpleIOStream class to construct a GIOStream from an arbitrary
    GInputStream and GOutputStream
  + GApplication: new API for marking 'busy' state according to the value of
    a boolean property on another object
  + GOptionGroup: add binding support (boxed type, annotation fixes, etc.)
* debian/patches/gdbus-Let-the-pending-read-finish-before-closing-the.patch:
  Drop this cherry-pick from an upstream bug - should be fixed differently
  in this release (bgo #743990).
* debian/libglib2.0-0.symbols: Add new symbols for this release.

220. By Iain Lane on 2015-02-16

* New upstream release 2.43.4
  + GType now has type declaration macros G_DECLARE_DERIVABLE_TYPE,
    G_DECLARE_FINAL_TYPE and G_DECLARE_INTERFACE, which significantly reduce
    the boilerplate needed for GObject types and interfaces.
  + g_autoptr and g_auto are macros for declaring variables with automatic
    cleanup. They only work with gcc and clang.
  + GListModel is a new interface that represents a dynamic list of GObjects.
  + GListStore is a GSequence-based implementation of GListModel.
  + g_simple_action_set_state_hint: New function to set the state hint of
  + g_settings_schema_list_children and g_settings_schema_key_get_name are
    new functions to complete the GSettingsSchema API.
* debian/libglib2.0-0.symbols: Add new symbols for this release.

219. By Iain Lane on 2015-01-20

[ Laurent Bigonville ]
* debian/control.in, debian/libglib2.0-dev.install.in,
  debian/libglib2.0-0-dbg.install.in: Install the gdb python scripts in the
  proper locations, move them to the -dbg package and add the needed
  Breaks/Replaces (Closes: #774024)

[ Iain Lane ]
* New upstream release 2.43.3
  + add g_set_object() convenience function
  + GNetworkMonitor: check if NM is not running and don't crash
  + fix some races with g_mkdir_with_parents
  + avoid use of G_STRLOC in G_OBJECT_WARN_INVALID_PSPEC in order to save on
    static strings
  + fix some content type vs. mime issues
* 07_disable_tests_on_slow_archs.patch: Refresh

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