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266. By Till Kamppeter

* debian/patches/75_fix-driver-package-installation-with-install-printerdriver.patch:
  Simplified communication between system-config-printer and
  install-printerdriver helper script (LP: #1412722).
* debian/patches/77_do-not-crash-on-licensetext-being-none.patch: Crash
  guard for displaying OpenPrinting driver record where the licensetext
  field is None (LP: #1412729).
* debian/patches/80_support-licensetext-in-separate-url.patch: Added support
  for OpenPrinting driver records with license text linked from separate
  download URL (LP: #1412729).
* debian/patches/83_fix-crash-in-nextnptab-if-driver-is-zero.patch: Trivial
  patch to avoid crashes when installing downloadable printer driver
  packages via OpenPrinting. These crashes were observed via the Ubuntu
  error reporting system.

265. By Till Kamppeter

* debian/patches/70_package-download-fixes.patch: Fixed several bugs to
  make automatic printer driver download working again (LP: #1401835):
   o Use pyrequests instead of pycurl for secure (verified certificate)
     downloads. pycurl stopped working after the OpenPrinting web server
     has moved from Ubuntu 10.04 to 12.04 (LP: #1394244).
   o In the install-printerdriver script improved the check for the
     necessity of adding the driver's Debian repository and added a
     workaround for a bug in aptdaemon interpreting PackageKit's package
     IDs wrongly when installing a package (LP: #1397750).
   o In fillDriverList() use ".hasattr()" to check presence of
   o Python3 transition bugs
* debian/patches/73_support-non-utf-8-encoded-ppds.patch: Do not
  crash on non-UTF-8-encoded PPD files (LP: #1400232)
* debian/control: Depend on python-requests instead of on python-pycurl.

264. By Till Kamppeter

* debian/patches/60_newprinter-fix-package-installation.patch: Fixed several
  bugs in system-config-printers's facility to install missing packages of
  the printing stack (currently smbclient and libsane-hpaio. LP: #1366756).
* debian/patches/63_ppdcache-return-exception-rather-than-looping.patch:
  Fixed infinite loop generating millions of links in /tmp when PPD file
  requested from a print queue is not readable (LP: #1156398).
* debian/patches/65_fix-hp-fax-type-parsing.patch: Fix parsing of the HPLIP
  fax type (LP: #1369789).
* debian/patches/67_jobviewer-always-fetch-auth-info-required-attribute.patch:
  jobviewer: Always fetch auth-info-required attribute (LP: #1380514).

263. By Till Kamppeter

* debian/patches/35_more-debugging-output.patch,
  debian/patches/37_debugging-tidy-ups.patch: Additional debug output
  in the "--debug" modes of system-config-printer and scp-dbus-service
  (backported from upstream GIT).
* debian/patches/40_monitor-only-run-one-timer-at-a-time.patch: monitor:
  only run one timer at a a time, avoids 'Source ID ... was not found'
  warnings (backported from upstream GIT).
* debian/patches/43_dont-ask-packagekit-to-look-for-drivers-for-empty-device-ids.patch:
  Don't ask PackageKit to look for drivers for empty device IDs (backported
  from upstream GIT).
* debian/patches/45_use-items-instead-of-iteritems-in-groupphysicaldevicesrequests-group.patch:
  Use items() instead of iteritems() with Python 3 dicts, especially use
  items() instead of iteritems() in GroupPhysicalDevicesRequest's _group()
  (backported from upstream GIT).
* debian/patches/47_fix-for-automatically-adding-bluetooth-printers.patch:
  Fix for automatically adding Bluetooth printers. devpath could have been
  NULL at this point. Found with static analysis (backported from upstream
* debian/patches/50_dont-run-gpk-install-package-name-directly-use-installpackage-module.patch:
  Don't run gpk-install-package-name directly, use installpackage module
  (backported from upstream GIT).
* debian/patches/53_make-installpackage-a-stub-only.patch: Make
  installpackage a stub only. gpk-install-* executables no longer exist
  (backported from upstream GIT, LP: #1366756).

262. By Till Kamppeter

New upstream release
o GIT 1.5.x snapshot from 10 October 2014
o Don't try nested classes, as CUPS forbids it (Red Hat bug #1140627).
o Fixed LPD/LPR Probe (LP: #1372213).
o Improve some Gtk3 stuff.
o Python 3 has removed message attribute from built-in exceptions.

261. By Till Kamppeter

* New upstream release
   o GIT 1.5.x snapshot from 11 September 2014
   o More Python 3 fixes (LP: #1367368).
* debian/control: Added dependency on python3-cairo (LP: #1353880).

260. By Till Kamppeter

* New upstream bug fix release
   o GIT 1.5.x snapshot from 6 September 2014
   o StateReason: Fixed __cmp__ conversion to rich comparisons (LP: #1364196)
   o This release has some Python3 fixes, as well as some fixes to
     udev-configure-printer and a fix for a D-Bus service hang.
   o In the 1.5.1 upstream release scp-dbus-service crashes immediately after
     starting. This is fixed in this snapshot.
* debian/patches/33_ipp-over-usb-support.patch: Bug fix update of the patch
  from Daniel Dressler.
* debian/patchs/30_scp-dbus-service-driver-download-hang-fixes.patch:
  Updated to apply to current source code.

259. By Till Kamppeter

* debian/patches/33_ipp-over-usb-support.patch: Added support for
  IPP-over-USB printers via ippusbxd. Thanks to Daniel Dressler for
  having developed this patch and ippusbxd itself as a Google Summer
  of Code 2014 project.
* debian/control: Let system-config-printer-udev recommend the
  cups-filters-ippusbxd, as we support IPP-over-USB printers with ippusbxd

258. By Till Kamppeter

debian/control, debian/python-cupshelpers.install,
debian/python3-cupshelpers.install: Completed Python 3 switchover
replacing all Python library dependencies of the binary packages
by the appropriate Python 3 counterparts and renamed the
python-cupshelpers binary package to python3-cupshelpers.

257. By Till Kamppeter

debian/control: Build-depend on Python 3 (python3-all-dev).

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