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87. By PS Jenkins bot on 2014-04-08

[ Zoltán Balogh ]
* Change Ubuntu API links in the docs (LP: #1303535) (LP: #1303535)

[ Leo Arias ]
* Improve the check of tab selection mode by moving to it first.
* On the autopilot helpers to click a toolbar button, check that the
  toolbar is opened first. (LP: #1302706)

[ tpeeters ]
* Improve toolbar handling on desktop by opening it on mouse hover.
  (LP: #1182734)
* If a Page is inside a Tab and has no title set, get it automatically
  from the Tab. (LP: #1289695)

86. By Didier Roche on 2014-04-08

Revert to previous version as it's making gallery-app AP tests
failing on the CI dashboard

85. By PS Jenkins bot on 2014-04-04

[ tpeeters ]
Move the property to keep track of the selected tab to the tabs
model. (LP: #1290121)

84. By PS Jenkins bot on 2014-04-04

[ Michael Zanetti ]
* fix collapseOnClick in combination with UbuntuListView (LP:

[ Leo Arias ]
* Added a helper for autopilot tests to override the values of initctl
  vars during tests.
* Take into account the visibility of the container when making list
  elements visible on the autopilot helpers. (LP: #1275060)

[ Christian Dywan ]
* Set the window title based on the Header title (LP: #1289695)

83. By PS Jenkins bot on 2014-03-31

[ Zoltán Balogh ]
* Separate the online and offline documentation and install the QtC
  help file

[ Zsombor Egri ]
* Move state data file to temp folder (LP: #1276760)
* StateSaver does cleanup if the app is closed due to SIGTERM. This is
  needed as upstart sends this signal when the application is closed
  from app scope. SIGINT saves the state. (LP: #1259498)
* MainView binding loop fix when backgroundColor is changed runtime.
  (LP: #1204453)

[ Loïc Molinari ]
* [Perf metrics] Considered number of CPU cores for CPU usage.

[ tpeeters ]
* Add useDeprecatedToolbar property to MainView which can be used to
  disable the current toolbar. Unsetting that property will in future
  also enable new features in the header. (LP: #1273184)
* Close panel on contents press instead of click, so that composed
  events are not eaten by the InverseMouseArea of the Panel. (LP:

[ Christian Dywan ]
* Treat QML warnings as fatal except for explicitly listed tests

82. By PS Jenkins bot on 2014-03-21

[ Bartosz Kosiorek ]
* Fix selection and coping text from TextFields (LP: 1130369) (LP:
* "Cut" operation do not shows for "ReadOnly's" TextField and TextArea
  (LP: 1293149) (LP: #1293149, #1267821)

[ Zsombor Egri ]
* InverseMouseArea not getting mouse events converted from touch when
  set as topmost item. (LP: #1288876)

[ Michael Zanetti ]
* drop BottomBarVisiblityCommunicator as it has gone from unity8 - no
  more HUD from the lower edge

[ Christian Dywan ]
* Introduce UbuntuTestCase API for C++ (LP: #1261396)

81. By PS Jenkins bot on 2014-03-17

[ Didier Roche ]
remove the doc generation for UITK autopilot emulator. Autopilot is
in universe for now, it needs MIRing first

80. By PS Jenkins bot on 2014-03-14

[ CI bot ]
* Resync trunk

[ Colin Watson ]
* With Qt 5.2, QtDeclarative now supports all architectures, at least
  in principle. Switch back to trying to build everywhere, since
  ubuntu-ui-toolkit has no intrinsic reason to be non-portable.

79. By PS Jenkins bot on 2014-03-06

[ Zsombor Egri ]
* DatePicker flaky test fix. (LP: #1287009)

[ Ubuntu daily release ]
* New rebuild forced

[ Michael Zanetti ]
* Make the UbuntuListView tests more stable (LP: #1288597)

78. By PS Jenkins bot on 2014-03-04

[ CI bot ]
* Ship python3 autopilot emulators/tests.

[ Florian Boucault ]
* More compact visual style for a few widgets: Button: switched
  default color to plain instead of gradient. Height from 5gu to 4gu.
  OptionSelector: row height from 6gu to 5gu. Slider: much thinner
  visual style. Switch: size from 10gu x 5gu to 8gu x 4gu. CheckBox:
  size from 4.25gu x 4gu to 3.25gu x 3gu. smaller 'x-large' font size.
  (LP: #1276173)

[ tpeeters ]
* Expose a position property in Panel to make it more useful for
  implementing new bottom-edge behavior.

[ Christian Dywan ]
* The wrapper is intended to make API test more visible in the output
  regardless of failure or success. A semi-related fix increases
  coverage so that UbuntuTestCase and Layouts are also checked.

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