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321. By William Hua on 2014-04-08

* debian/patches/git_keyboard_grp_xkb_option.patch:
  - take upstream's grp xkb option combo for modifier-only input switching

320. By Sebastien Bacher on 2014-03-21

* debian/control.in, debian/gnome/control-center-data.install,
  - create a new binary with data files that are needed by g-c-c and u-c-c
    (the default selection of user icons for example) (lp: #1291608)

319. By Sebastien Bacher on 2014-03-04

* debian/patches/gcc_not_in_unity.patch:
  - Unity was still listed in some panels, fix that (lp: #1286937)

318. By Sebastien Bacher on 2014-02-26

* debian/patches/gcc_not_in_unity.patch:
  - don't list "Unity" in OnlyShowIn, other g-c-c and u-c-c entries get
    duplicated in the Unity dash, when they both installed (lp: #1280872)
* debian/libgnome-control-center1.symbols,
  - dropped some unity specific changes

[ Brian Murray ]
* debian/source_gnome-control-center.py: Do not pass an empty list
  of plugin packages to apport. (LP: #1237119)

317. By Robert Ancell on 2014-01-09

[ Sebastien Bacher ]
* debian/gnome-control-center.links: drop old symlink that was used
  to add a system-settings entry to indicator-session, that's deprecated

[ Brian Murray ]
* debian/source_gnome-control-center.py: Do not attempt to find the version
  of a package for a plugin not from a package. (LP: #1237119)

[ Robert Ancell ]
* debian/gnome-control-center.sh:
* debian/rules:
  - Add a wrapper to run unity-control-center in Unity
* debian/patches/10_keyboard_layout_on_unity.patch:
* debian/patches/ubuntu_update_translations_template.patch:
  - Rename unity-region-panel to gnome-unity-region-panel so it doesn't
    conflict with the one in unity-control-center

316. By Iain Lane on 2013-12-06

goa_provider_get_all went async in 3.10. Backport patch to deal with this.

315. By Sebastien Bacher on 2013-11-29

* debian/patches/git_iconview_columns.patch:
  - set the number of columns, that seems needed with new GTK versions
* debian/patches/ubuntu_update_translations_template.patch:
  - updated to list the current sources in use

314. By Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre on 2013-11-20

debian/patches/sanitize_ssid_convert_utf8.patch: make sure we properly
convert the SSID to UTF-8 where possible; using nm_utils_ssid_to_utf8(),
rather than nm_utils_escape_ssid() which isn't meant to be used that way.
(LP: #1198315)

313. By Iain Lane on 2013-10-31

[ Iain Lane ]
* 0001-rfkill-glib-Don-t-use-g_assert_not_reached-in-type_t.patch:
  Cherry-pick 90f49a4d5dd646b8fce10f61a9231db4973a907b from upstream.
  rfkill-glib: Don't use g_assert_not_reached in type_to_string. New kernel
  versions can add new RFKILL types, we should not crash here, just say that
  we don't know what the switch is. (LP: #1209092)

[ Jian-Ding Chen (timchen119) ]
* Add additional options to the power option system sleep settings menu.
  Add 20 minutes and 2 hours options to give the user more fine-grained
  controls. (LP: #1244065)

[ William Hua ]
* debian/patches/input-sources-text-entry.patch:
  - Next group and double modifier input-source switching (LP: #1218322)

312. By Iain Lane on 2013-10-18

[ Iain Lane ]
* debian/patches/97_unity_power_ui.patch: Don't crash if indicator-power
  isn't installed. When deciding whether to display/not display the
  indicator-power options, use the presence of indicator-power instead of
  just checking if Unity is the DE in use. (LP: #1195481)
* debian/control.in: Build-Depend on glib >= 2.31.2 for

[ William Hua ]
* debian/patches/input-sources-text-entry.patch:
  - support modifier-only input-source switching (lp: #1218322)

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