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72. By Till Kamppeter

* Added full support for the IPP Everywhere standard for driverless
  printing (LP: #1386241):
  - Added ippusbxd (Support for IPP-over-USB printers) generating the
    new binary package cups-filters-ippusbxd.
  - Added rastertopdf filter. This filter allows PWG Raster as input
    format for a CUPS queue. This is needed to make shared CUPS printers
    fully emulating IPP Everywhere printers (all other requirements are
    fulfilled by CUPS itself).
  - rastertopdf-mime-convs.patch: Added conversion rule for rastertopdf
  - add-ipp-everywhere-ppd.patch: Added PPD file for a generic IPP
    Everywhere printer (on-the-fly generation via cupsfilters.drv).
  - support-for-pwgraster-output-with-ppd.patch: Support for PWG-Raster
    output selected via keyword in the PPD file.
  - pdftoraster-cspace-18-19-20.patch: pdftoraster: Support for output
    in the color spaces 18 (CUPS_CSPACE_SW, sGray), 19 (CUPS_CSPACE_SRGB,
    sRGB), and 20 (CUPS_CSPACE_ADOBERGB, Adobe RGB). No color management
    appropriate to these color spaces is added yet.

71. By Till Kamppeter

Re-added ./configure option "--with-pdftops=hybrid" to activate
the hybrid rendering mode (LP: #1326295).

70. By Till Kamppeter

* New upstream bug fix release
   - texttopdf: Make sure that margin changes for prettyprint
     get applied.
   - texttopdf, imagetopdf, imagetoraster: Range-check paper
     dimensions and margins taken from the PPD file and correct
     them if needed (Bug #1195).

69. By Till Kamppeter

* New upstream bug fix release
   - cups-browsed: SECURITY FIX to prevent arbitrary code
     injection into the System V interface scripts generated for
     queues for discovered native IPP printers by a malicious IPP
     print service with forged make/model and/or PDL string.

68. By Till Kamppeter

* New upstream bug fix release
   - pdftops: Let old HP LaserJet printers (model number without
     letter, like "LaserJet 3" or "LaserJet 4000") use Poppler
     instead of Ghostscript (Closes: #742765).
   - pdftops: Improved workaround for Toshiba printers. Instead
     of using Poppler do not emit TrueType fonts with Ghostscript
     (LP: #998087).
   - cups-browsed: Build the device URIs for all local queues we create
     with the CUPS library function httpAssembleURIf() for proper
     percent escaping of characters which are not allowed in URIs
     (Upstream bug #1187).

67. By Till Kamppeter

* New upstream release
   - pdftops: Use Poppler also for Toshiba printers (LP: #998087).
   - pdftops: Fixed typo which always made PostScript level 2 being
     generated when using Poppler's pdftops (LP: #1294370).

66. By Marc Deslauriers

* Use upstart job in source tree so AppArmor profile is correctly
  loaded before cups-browsed is started (LP: #1276630)
  - debian/local/cups-browsed.upstart: removed
  - debian/rules: copy upstart job from utils directory, stop using
    deprecated --upstart-only.

65. By Till Kamppeter

* New upstream release 1.0.48
   - cups-browsed: Fix for a crash which happens on Bonjour reports of
     printers without "product", "usb_MDL", and "ty" fields in the
     text record (LP: #1284834).
   - cups-browsed: In README and in the sample startup scripts/configs
     for System V Init and Upstart taken into account the fact that it
     is not required any more to start avahi-daemon before starting

64. By Till Kamppeter

* New upstream release 1.0.47
   - pdftoopvp: SECURITY FIX for CVE-2013-6474, CVE-2013-6475,
     and CVE-2013-6476: Introduction of gmallocn and gmallocn3
     to protect against arbitrary code execution with the
     privileges of the "lp" user via malicious PDF files. Also
     restrict the directory from where OPVP drivers can get
   - urftopdf: SECURITY FIX for CVE-2013-6473: Two heap-based
     buffer overflow flaws in urftopdf. If a malicious URF file
     were processed it could lead to arbitrary code execution
     with the privileges of the "lp" user.
   - pdftopdf: Fixed typo in initialization which sets the default
     value page border to an undefined value. Thanks to Helge
     Blischke for the patch.
   - cups-browsed: Check for changes of the URI of a queue which
     we have created and correct the URI if needed, especially if
     a queue was not removed on shutdown of cups-browsed (default
     printer or still having jobs) and before restart of
     cups-browsed the server's DNS-SD-provided has changed.
   - bannertopdf: Support PDF forms as banner template. This allows
     especially internationalized banner pages. Forms can contain
     fields for any CUPS/IPP value and get automatically filled
     Thanks to Andrew V. Stepanov from ALT Linux (Bug #1170,
     also first step to fix Ubuntu bug #1196986).
* Removed hard dependency of cups-browsed on avahi-daemon, demoted Depends: to
  Recommends: and removed "on started avahi-daemon" from the "start on ..."
  rule in /etc/init/cups-browsed.conf (LP: #1242185, LP: #1178172).

63. By Till Kamppeter

* New upstream release 1.0.46
   - gstoraster: Ignore SIGCHLD, rely on waitpid instead. Thanks
     to Lauri Tirkkonen (Upstream bug #1184).
   - gstoraster: Fix two instances of insufficient EINTR handling.
     Thanks to Lauri Tirkkonen (Upstream bug #1184).

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