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47. By Francesco Fumanti on 2013-08-22

* Request for sponsorship for new upstream release (LP: #1215164)
* debian/control:
  - Add libcanberra-dev, libxkbfile-dev and libhunspell-dev to Build-Depends
  - Raise Standards-Version to 3.9.4
  - Remove python3-virtkey from Depends
  - Add libxkbfile1, libcanberra0, libhunspell-1.3-0 and iso-codes to Depends
  - Define new package onboard-data package for all architectures
  - Add onboard-data to Recommends
  - Update description of onboard package
* debian/control_python2.in: removed
* debian/control_python3.in: removed
* debian/onboard.install: new file to split keyboard from the prediction data
* debian/onboard-data.install: new file with the prediction data for onboard
* debian/rules:
  - Remove support for python2
  - Add override_dh_auto_install target to use debian/tmp
  - Add override_dh_install target
* debian/patches/add_defaults_for_ubuntu.patch:
  - Update add_defaults_for_ubuntu.patch with values for this release
* Long press popup:
  - Hide long press popup when keyboard gets hidden
  - Add possibility to show arbitrary layouts in popups
  - Add character alternatives for most latin based languages
* Add key-press feedback:
  - Size of label popup stored in gsettings-key
  - Also allow images in the touch feedback
  - Don't show feedback popup when xembedded
* Add sound feedback:
  - New dependency: libcanberra
  - Add 'Play sound' option to the Preferences dialog
* Add word suggestions:
  - Add tools to create language models (lm) from large corpora
  - Learn from typed text by default
  - Limit over-learning in the terminal with additional filters.
  - Use UTF-8 encoding internally (cuts memory usage)
  - Fall back to hard-coded country codes if there is no lm for current locale
  - Add initial system language models for: de_AT, de_CH, de_DE, en_AU,
    en_ES, en_GB, en_US, fr_fr, it_IT, pt_BR, pt_PT, ru_RU
  - Optimize system language models for size/memory usage.
  - Use case insensitive predictions most of the time
  - Offer spelling suggestions based on the hunspell C-API
  - Auto-add word separators
  - Add word suggestion row to all layouts
  - Make word suggestion also work when using the scanning mode
  - Doctests available for English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and
* Add auto-capitalization
  - Off by default because very new
  - Add corresponding option to the Preferences of Onboard
  - Independent of word suggestions
* Add XInput as a new event source and make it the default: (LP: #905636)
  - Fall back to GTK event handling if XInput 2.2 isn't available
  - Allow switching between GTK and XInput events without restarting Onboard
  - Listen only to the XInput client pointer and its slaves
  - Make XInput target specific windows instead of root window
  - Support Multi-touch
  - Don't count scroll-wheel movement as button presses
  - Grab pointer even if click is performed by different device than movement
  - Fix pointer becoming unresponsive on wetab tablet (LP: #1095508)
* Docking:
  - Fix returning to the undocked position when turning off docking
* Layouts:
  - Add new layout called Phone
  - Add new layout called Small
  - Fix Euro sign not being typed in Phone and Small layouts (LP: #1164009)
  - Fix key stroke width not being written to theme files
  - Make layouts understand a new 'layout' tag for sub-layouts
  - Make layouts understand a new 'compact' attribute for boxes
  - New 'svg_id' attribute allows ids in the svg file different from key id
  - New key attribute 'label_margin' to influence the size of the labels
  - New attribute 'theme_id' for keys
  - Allow multiple characters in char attribute of layouts
  - Fall back to default layout on a layout loading error
  - Allow blocking of auto-switch to layer0 for arbitrary sub-trees
  - Perform various layout tweaks
  - Move hide button to word suggestion line when visible
  - Update layouts format versions to 3.1
* Remove support for python 2
* Integrate functionality of virtkey extension into Onboard; the separate
  python-virtkey package is not necessary anymore
* Fix another problem with handling the no core keyboard case (LP: 526791)
* Fix setting the Super key label override in the Preferences dialog
* Make system defaults work also after a manual install (LP: #1210568)
* Prevent motion event congestion when using XInput (LP: #1210665)
* Base remapping of middle and right click on XInput (LP: #1191098)
* Add another click type switching method under XInput (LP: #1210575)
* Allow to wrap simulated clicks in left Alt presses (LP: #1212248)
* Support XDG Base Directory Specification (LP: #1074448)
* Don't create empty user directories until they are needed (LP: #1105843)
* Allow drag selection of keys (LP: #644210)
* Add HighContrast icon (LP: #1082243)
* Fix onboard sometimes not switching labels back to lower case (LP: #1207503)
* Ensure proper python thread state in gdk event filters (LP: #1189946)
* Properly set up signal handler in the osk python thread state (LP: #1195857)
* Fix segfault when activating drag click the first time without hover click
* Don't interrupt manual window movement with auto-show repositioning
* Do not support anymore outdated conversion to gsettings (LP: #1123789)
* Fix window resizing while the scanner is enabled
* Don't flash the icon palette when rotating the screen of the Nexus 7
* Terminate drag click on pointer stop instead of click to work around bug
* Move keyboard to current desktop with D-Bus Show() in OpenBox (LP: #1092166)
* Work around hang/endless loop when quickly switching themes
* Fix URL bar of Epiphany web browser not being detected by AT-SPI
* Various fixes to improve python2 compatibility
* Fix osk errors found by cpychecker
* Make more AT-SPI processing asynchronous
* Handle more uncaught AT-SPI exceptions
* Don't read much data from accessibles before we know them to be of interest
* Let ConfigObject be the interface of all gsettings delay and apply calls
* Improve appearance of the Preferences dialog
* Allow starting up without python(3)-dbus (runs with reduced functionality)
* Update system defaults example files
* Make themes work with more layers
* Improve themes and color schemes
* Add sdist to pkg-config debugging aid
* Remove Alt-Tab blocking on Nexus 7 (LP: #1082101)
* Drop gconf2 migration
* Update some labels and tooltips
* Some code cleanup

46. By Francesco Fumanti on 2012-12-12

* New upstream alpha release. (LP: #1089396)
  + Fix Onboard becoming empty when system font dpi changes

45. By Francesco Fumanti on 2012-10-26

* Sponsorship request for Ubuntu Raring (LP: #1071888)
* Fix keys with operators (+,-,*,/) on the number keypad of Onboard
* Fix failure to instantiate Config singleton with python 3.3
* Fix distutils-extra build with python3.3
* Sync translations files with the 0.98 branch in rosetta as of 2012-10-26
* debian/control: demote mousetweaks from Recommends to Suggests
* debian/rules: build for all python3 versions, by Matthias Klose
* debian/patches: add defaults file with values appropriate for Ubuntu

44. By Matthias Klose on 2012-11-08

Rebuild to drop python3.2 extension.

43. By Dimitri John Ledkov on 2012-11-06

Fix shebang.

42. By Colin Watson on 2012-11-01

Backport from upstream: Fix failure to instantiate Config singleton with
Python 3.3.

41. By Matthias Klose on 2012-10-26

* Fix getpreferredencoding hack.
* Build for all python version.

40. By Luke Yelavich on 2012-09-19

debian/control: Demote mousetweaks to suggests, to prevent undesired GNOME
infrastructure from being pulled onto Xubuntu images.

39. By Francesco Fumanti on 2012-08-23

* Freeze exception request for new upstream release (LP: #1041303)
* debian/pycompat: removed as not used anymore
* debian/control:
  - Build-Depends:
    + replace python and python-all-dev with python3-all-dev
    + replace python-distutils-extra with python3-distutils-extra
    + remove libxi-dev as libgtk-3-dev pulls it in
  - remove X-Python-Version and set X-Python3-Version: >= 3.2
  - Depends:
    + remove ${python:Depends}, python-cairo, python-dbus,
      python-virtkey (>= 0.60.0) and gir1.2-wnck-3.0
    + add ${python3:Depends}, python3-cairo, python3-gi-cairo,
      python3-dbus and python3-virtkey (>= 0.61.0)
* debian/rules:
  - enhance it to work with python2 and python3
  - add procedure to switch between python2 and python3
  - add --without python-support to appease lintian
* debian/onboard.lintian-override:
  - override missing manual message
  - override extra-license-file message
* Move gsettings path to /org/onboard (LP: #982699); thanks R. Ancell
* Various visual improvements:
  - push down effect on keys
  - keys now have shadows
  - smaller touch handles
  - tweak images used by click buttons and other keys
  - smoother transparency transitions
* Detect window manager to care for its specificities
* Add command line option to override automatic environment detection
* Mark command line help as translatable
* Add middle click in hover click mode; requires mousetweaks >= 3.3.90
* Various auto-show fixes
* Stop endless loop of auto-show on top of unity dash
* Fix some show/hide problems
* Stop wiggling of launcher icons on show/hide of keyboard window
* Various python3 adaptions, trying to keep python2 compatibility
* Move to python3 needs virtkey version >= 0.61.0
* Switch all translated strings to unicode (LP: #933030)
* Make python3 the default
* Don't show disabled buttons when XEmbedding (LP: #1019593)
* Don't create the icon palette when XEmbedding
* Add new color scheme to follow the HighContrastInverse theme update
* Stayon top of full-screen windows in force-to-top mode (LP: #1035578)
* Fix keyboard and icon palette not always above dash
* Add lockdown key to disable all dwell-activation
* Adapt to WM_NAMEs of Unity version 6
* Write message listing dependencies when sdist fails
* Add tests to check translations for errors, uses python-nose
* Make Onboard more robust against translation errors
* Make icon palette dwellable
* Add dconf version detection, thanks Robert Ancell
* Fix Super key (LP: #900191)
* Make menu key pop up context menu
* Separate layout loading from the keyboard widget
* Improve exception handling for theme and color files
* Limit keyboard size when it doesn't fit on screen (LP: #991318)
* Trap various X BadWindow errors (LP: #1016980)
* Work around regression of configure event in quantal
* Remove wnck dependency as gtk3's window-state-event reports iconification
* Prevent zombie process when launching preferences (LP: #936332)
* Only appear in gnome-screen-saver if onboard was running (LP: #938302)
* Don't check for running Onboard if "Typing Assistant" is on (LP: #938302)
* Fix some problems when compositing is enabled
* Switch window property to type XA_CARDINAL for compiz
* Fix keyboard window not moving when the gsettings keys are changed
* Fix regression when starting in unity-greeter
* Suppress python error messages in unity-greeter
* Catch SIGTERM and make sure all keys are released when exiting (LP: #978430)
* Don't hide the keyboard when switching themes in unity-greeter
* Fix saving of keyboard window and icon palette after first start
* Fix theme not being remembered between launches
* Make active modifier keys visible in scanning mode
* Fix init of scanning mode with Xinput 2.2 and GTK 3.5.12-0ubuntu1
* Fix python3 encoding errors in non-Unicode locales
* Fix python3 encoding error when trying to personalize a layout
* Fix python3 backtrace on adding a new snippet
* Fix migration of gsettings values of icon palette
* Fix startup of Onboard for some tablet users
* Don't get resized by compiz grid plugin
* Fix saving of home-rect in GNOME Shell when decoration is active
* Fix keyboard window resizing when rotating screen in GNOME Shell
* Inform unity that this is an on-screen keyboard, cf LP: #739812
* Fix idle transparency kicking in while typing into firefox awesomebar
* Exit cleanly on Ctrl-c
* Fix typos in tooltips
* Some code and comments cleanup

38. By Robert Ancell on 2012-07-19

* debian/control:
  - Bump build-depends on libdconf-dev
* debian/patches/dconf-version.patch:
  - Use latest version of dconf

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