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18. By Chuck Short on 2014-03-31

* Resynchronize with stable/havana (8cb9d89) (LP: #1284643):
  - [8cb9d89] Use a temp dir for CONF.state_path
  - [566321b] Subnets should be set as lazy='join'
  - [eb4c045] Qpid, RabbitMQ: advance thru the list of brokers on reconnect
  - [1faec83] Prevent cross plugging router ports from other tenants
  - [858ec2e] Fixes Hyper-V port metrics enabling after service restart
  - [d57ce79] Adds Hyper-V utils methods
  - [5ccfeae] NSX: Sync do not pass around model object
  - [7f2c41f] NSX: Fix possible deadlock in sync code
  - [7871486] Use a more accurate max_delay for reconnects
  - [8e92741] Adds id in update_floatingip API in PLUMgrid plugin driver
  - [ab46900] Report proper error message in PLUMgrid Plugin
  - [ece27c9] Update help message of flag 'enable_isolated_metadata'
  - [a47fde6] Remove the warning for Scheduling Network
  - [28ee2ac] vshield task manager: abort tasks in stop() on termination
  - [c194262] Fix request timeout errors during calls to NSX controller
  - [2b4cdcd] Fix error while connecting to busy NSX L2 Gateway
  - [5158744] Tweak version nvp/nsx version validation logic for router operations
  - [722746f] [ML2] l2-pop MD handle multi create/delete ports
  - [99339a9] Fix metering iptables driver doesn't read root_helper param
  - [2e9f5a7] Add support for managing async processes
  - [5678fb8] fix --excluded of meter-label-rule-create is not working
  - [c0586c4] Fix a typo in log exception in the metering agent
* debian/patches/bump-sqlalchemy-versions.patch: Rediffed
* debian/patches/revert-stable-havana-requirements.patch: Updated not to
  bump the version of python-neutronclient.

17. By Chuck Short on 2014-02-25

* Resynchronize with stable/havana (3c9fc6f) (LP: #1284643):
  - [3f4c282] reduce severity of network notfound trace when looked up by
    dhcp agent LP: 1251874
  - [7a4842d] Mellanox Neutron Agent is using keystone port LP: 1245885
  - [aa2502b] check_nvp_config.py erroneous config complaint LP: 1265353
  - [94679f1] uncaught portnotfound exception on get_dhcp_port LP: 1252437
  - [5bbc2f0] devstack-exercises floating_ips broken LP: 1262785
  - [3738343] [neutron bandwidth metering] When I delete a label, router's
    tenant_id disappeared. LP: 1249188
  - [e631e89] dhcp dnsmasq lost port in host config file LP: 1192381
  - [5f959d7] tenant does not see network that is routable from tenant-
    visible network until neutron-server is restarted LP: 1254555
  - [c7596bf] Remove and recreate interfacein ovs if already exists
    LP: 1268762
  - [711106a] Multiple Neutron operations using a script fails on Brocade
    Plugin LP: 1223754
  - [927e8a6] Should RPC consume_in_thread() be more fault tolerant?
    LP: 1189711
  - [15a912b] neutron-metadata-agent incorrectly passes keystone token to
    neutronclient LP: 1274487
  - [4265436] Have tox install via setup.py develop
  - [a72ab24] nicira: error occurs when net-gateway-connect with different
    segmentation-type LP: 1270724
  - [3c9fc6f] improve version validation for router operations with the
    nsx/nvp plugin LP: 1274361

16. By Adam Gandelman on 2013-12-12

* Resynchronize with stable/havana (c783944) (LP: #1262788):
  - [f45cd4f] Open stable/havana
  - [c783944] [OSSA 2013-033] Metadata queries from Neutron to Nova are not
    restricted by tenant (CVE-2013-6419) LP: 1235450
  - [cec8127] Creates multiple worker processes for API server
  - [3383241] [messaging] QPID broadcast RPC requests to all servers for a
    given topic LP: 1257293
  - [cd3e714] openstack.common.local module is out of date LP: 1254046
  - [11102ad] Allow using ipv6 address with omiting zero LP: 1240790
  - [65986c9] NVP connection fails because port is a string LP: 1255519
  - [2d2646a] Neither vpnaas.filters nor debug.filters are referenced in
    setup.cfg LP: 1257523
  - [c93d699] OVS agent doesn't reclaim local VLAN LP: 1252284
  - [7d74411] IP lib fails when int name has '@' character and VLAN
    interfaces LP: 1245799
  - [496e6f0] Lower severity of log trace for DB integrity error
  - [74b0a9b] internal neutron server error on tempest VolumesActionsTest
    LP: 1239637
  - [39c392e] neutron unittest require minimum 4gb memory LP: 1234857
  - [03216e3] L3 agent can't handle updates that change floating ip id
    LP: 1209011
  - [3be1326] nvp_cluster_uuid is no longer used in nvp.ini LP: 1251086
  - [37f5678] binding_failed because of l2 agent assumed down LP: 1244255
  - [27ce7b5] traceback is suppressed when deploy.loadapp fails LP: 1210236
  - [ce458e0] Linux IP wrapper cannot handle VLAN interfaces LP: 1240125
  - [b37987e] linuxbridge agent doesn't remove vxlan interface if no
    interface mappings LP: 1240742
  - [68b8af0] L2 pop mech driver sends notif. even no related port changes
    LP: 1241874
  - [f48a731] L2 pop sends updates for unrelated networks LP: 1240744
  - [e331eb3] fix nvp version validation for distributed router creation
    LP: 1243862
  - [4b3162e] error while creating l2 gateway services in nvp LP: 1244259
  - [4e94cb3] Nicira plugin: 500 when removing a router port desynchronized
    from the backend LP: 1240720
  - [02cd640] Connection to neutron failed: Maximum attempts reached
    LP: 1211915
* debian/patches/revert-stable-havana-requirements.patch: Revert
  version bumps to dependencies in stable/havana back to what was
  shipped with Saucy.

15. By Chuck Short on 2013-10-17

New upstream release (LP: #1236462).

14. By Chuck Short on 2013-10-16

New upstream release candidate (LP: #1240665).

13. By James Page on 2013-10-12

New upstream release candidate (LP: #1239156).

12. By James Page on 2013-10-03

d/tests/control,neutron-server: Limit neutron-server tests to core
neutron daemons to avoid tests failures for plugin agents which don't
start correctly without additional configuration.

11. By James Page on 2013-10-03

[ Yolanda Robla ]
* debian/tests: added testing agents

[ Chuck Short ]
* debian/patches/disable-udev-tests.patch: Refreshed.
* debian/patches/disable-ml2-notification-tests.patch: Refreshed.
* debian/control:
  - Dropped python-setuptools-git python-netifaces, and python-nose from
    build dependencies.
  - Dropped python-configobj, python-gflags from binary dependencies.
  - Added build python-requests python-six, and python-jinja2 build
  - Added versioned dependencies for python-amqplib,
    python-pbr, python-novaclient, python-cliff,
    python-testtools, and python-eventlet.
  - Bumped versioned depends for python-stevedore, pyhton-novaclient,
    python-oslo.config, and testrepository

[ James Page ]
* New upstream release candidate:
  - d/patches: Refreshed.
* d/rules: unpatch/patch neutron.conf around test execution to ensure that
  as many tests as possible actually pass.

10. By Chuck Short on 2013-09-10

debian/rules: Dont ftbfs the tests if they fail.

9. By Chuck Short on 2013-09-10

* debian/tests/neutron-daemons: Fix typo.
* debian/rules: FTBFS if testsuite fails.

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