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28. By James Page on 2014-04-17

[ Chuck Short ]
New upstream release (LP: #1288245).

27. By James Page on 2014-04-14

d/neutron-vpn-agent.upstart: Wait for neutron-ovs-cleanup service to
start if installed to ensure that Open vSwitch state is cleaned up
on reboot (LP: #1307208).

26. By Steve Langasek on 2014-04-10

Fix the Breaks/Replaces from the previous version, as they were
accidentally added to the wrong package (and with the wrong versioning).

25. By Chuck Short on 2014-04-09

[ James Page ]
* d/neutron-plugin-oneconvergence-agent.upstart: Rename upstart
  configuration to match package name (LP: #1301957).
* d/neutron-vpn-agent.install: Install missing vpnaas.filters for
  rootwrap (LP: #1303876).

[ Chuck Short ]
* New upstream release candidate (LP: #1288245).

24. By James Page on 2014-04-01

[ Chuck Short ]
* debian/rules: Run testr init before tests.
* debian/patches/disable-udev-tests.patch: Refresh.
* d/control,neutron-plugin-oneconvergence*: Add One Convergence plugin
  and agent (LP: #1293632).

[ James Page ]
* New upstream release candidate (LP: #1288696, #1291535).
* d/control,neutron-mlnx-plugin{-agent}.install: Split out Mellanox
  plugin configuration from agent package (LP: #1255420).
* d/control,neutron-{plugin-}{vpn|metering}-agent.*: Drop -plugin from
  metering and vpn agents (they are not plugins) and deal with associated
  change in name of upstart configurations.
* d/neutron-l3-agent.{install,upstart}: Install fwaas_driver.ini with
  l3-agent and add to config-file path in upstart configuration
  (LP: #1298676).
* d/neutron-vpn-agent.upstart,control: Include l3_agent.ini on upstart
  config-file path, add dependency on neutron-l3-agent (LP: #1298675).

23. By James Page on 2014-03-07

[ Chuck Short ]
* New upstream release.
* debian/rules: Re-enabled tests.
* debian/patches/requirements.patch: Dropped no longer needed.
* debian/patches/sql-alchemy-0.8.3-compat.patch: Dropped no longer needed.
* debian/patches/bump-sqlalchemy-version.patch: Dropped no longer needed.
* debian/neutron-plugin-vmware.install: Install usr/bin/neutron-nsx-manage.
* debian/patches/use-concurrency.patch: Set default concurrency to 1.

[ James Page ]
* d/control,neutron-plugin-ibm*: Add plugin and agent packages for IBM
* d/control,neutron-openflow-*: Add agent package for OpenFlow ML2 agent.
* d/control,neutron-plugin-bigswitch-agent*: Add agent package for
* d/neutron-plugin-mlnx-agent.{upstart,logrotate}: Correct log path
  and add logrotate configuration (LP: #1284144).

[ Corey Bryant ]
* Renamed Nicira NVP plugin to VMware NSX (LP: #1273877):
  - debian/neutron-plugin-*.install: Update path and file for rename
  - debian/tests/*-plugin: Replace nicira-plugin with vmware-plugin
  - debian/control:
    + Change neutron-plugin-nicira to transtional package
    + Add neutron-plugin-vmware package which breaks/replaces
      neutron-plugin-nicira package.

22. By Chuck Short on 2014-02-06

debian/rules: Temporarily disable testsuite due to upstream breakage.

21. By Chuck Short on 2014-02-03

* debian/patches/disable-udev-tests.patch: Skip more tests
  because of udev failures.
* debian/patches/skip-ipv6-tests.patch: Skip tests that fail
  on the buildds due to ipv6.

20. By Chuck Short on 2014-01-30

debian/rules: Really run_tests.sh.

19. By Chuck Short on 2014-01-30

debian/rules: Switch back to run_test.sh since locking
issues have been fixed.

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