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41. By Andres Rodriguez on 2013-10-14

* debian/patches:
  - 99_fix_wsgi_app_group_lp1237463.patch: Import wsgi into the %{GLOBAL}
    application group, to avoid bson encoding issues. (LP: #1237463)
  - 99_ephemeral_backward_compat_lp1238376.patch: Maintain import_ephemerals
    config compatibility to allow maas-import-ephemerals to inherit the
    config used for maas-import-pxe-files, otherwise it will always download
    all releases even when set to a particular one. (LP: #1238376)
  - 99_split_config_arch_rel_lp1238681.patch: arches/releases are a list
    of characters that need to be split. (LP: #1238681)
  - 99_handle_ephemeral_archs_correctly.patch: Allow maas-import-ephemerals
    to use arches correctly coming from the legacy config (LP: #1240215)

40. By Andres Rodriguez on 2013-10-04

* New Upstream Release (LP: #1218526)
  - This new upstream release contains fixes and improvements of the
    features approved by the FFe above.
  - Fixes commissioning failure on Saucy with 'Failed Test' (LP: #1237364)
  - Fixes access of static images over http (LP: #1236544)
* d/maas-cluster-controller.postinst: a2enmod version module (LP: #1236544)
* d/control: Bump depends on python-django to 1.4. (LP: #1236572)
* d/maas-dhcp.postinst: Fail gracefully if apparmor_parser fails, allowing
  to install maas-dhcp during an ISO install. (LP: #1236786)

39. By Andres Rodriguez on 2013-10-03

debian/control: Recommends on maas-dns instead of Depends for region
because maas-dns needs the region installed first.

38. By Andres Rodriguez on 2013-10-01

[ Andres Rodriguez ]
* New upstream bugfix release.
  - Respect filters for ephemerals_script.py.
* debian/control: Depends on ubuntu-cloudimage-keyring instead of
  ubuntu-cloud-keyring; depends on python-distro-info.
* debian/control: Remove suggests on maas-dhcp and maas-dns as they are
  now dependencies.

[ Scott Moser ]
* debian/control: Bump depends on isc-dhcp-server to 4.2.4
* debian/maas-dhcp.maas-dhcp-server.upstart: Change ownership of leases
  file to root:root, and run the daemon as dhcpd:dhcpd.

37. By Andres Rodriguez on 2013-08-28

* New Upstream release. (LP: #1218526)
* debian/control:
  - Depends on python-djorm-ext-pgarray, python-curtin,
    python-simplestreams, ubuntu-cloud-keyring.
  - Depends on maas-dns, maas-dhcp to get them seeded and
    into main (LP: #1227353)

36. By Andres Rodriguez on 2013-08-15

New upstream release

35. By Andres Rodriguez on 2013-07-18

New upstream release

34. By Adam Stokes on 2013-07-31

Sets expiry lease time to 30 seconds (LP: #1069570)

33. By Andres Rodriguez on 2013-07-03

* New upstream release
* Symlink apache2 config into /etc/apache2/conf-enabled/ instead of
  /etc/apache2/conf.d as apache2.4 no longer supports the latter.
  - debian/maas-cluster-controller.{postinst,postrm}
  - debian/maas-region-controller.{postinst,postrm}
* debian/control: Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.4.
* debian/maas-cluster-controller.lintian-overrides: Remove unneeded
  override and add a new one.
* debian/maas-region-controller.lintian-overrides: Add extra overrides.

32. By Andres Rodriguez on 2013-06-13

* New upstream release
* debian/patches/04-setup-dont-user-list-snippets.patch: Drop. Merged

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