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92. By Tim Lunn on 2013-09-16

debian/control.in: Add Recommends on network-manager since this
is required for network panel to work. (LP: #1225787)

91. By Tim Lunn on 2013-09-12

source_gnome_shell.py: Now we have upstart user sessions most
logging goes into the gnome-session.log, so add this to the
apport hook.

90. By Tim Lunn on 2013-09-09

[ Tim Lunn ]
* debian/patches: revert-power-dbus-name-update.patch,
   revert-input-source-changes.patch: Dropped for build against
   gnome-setting-daemon 3.8

[ Jeremy Bicha ]
* debian/control.in: Bump minimum gnome-settings-daemon to 3.8.4

89. By Tim Lunn on 2013-09-08

* debian/patches:
  - git_fix_calendar_wrapping.patch: fixes wrapping of long calender events
  - git_background_schema.patch, git_use_screensaver_bg.patch: git patches
    to allow using seperate bg for lock screen (LP: #1219188)

88. By Jeremy Bicha on 2013-07-31

* New upstream release.
* debian/patches/git-dont-crash-for-unstaged-widgets.patch:
  - Dropped, applied in new version

87. By Tim Lunn on 2013-07-29

* debian/control.in:
  - Build-depend on gjs 1.37 (with mozjs17). This should noticeably reduce
    memory leaks and garbage collector lock ups (LP: #1205971, #1113166)
* debian/patches:
  - revert-disable-periodic-gc.patch: this is safe to re-enable with mozjs17
  - git_gjs_api_change.patch: update for minor api change in gjs 1.37

86. By Jeremy Bicha on 2013-07-22

Depend on libgdm instead of gdm and suggest gdm. This avoids needing to
choose between lightdm and gdm when installing gnome-shell (LP: #1162849)

85. By Jeremy Bicha on 2013-07-14

* debian/patches/git-dont-crash-for-unstaged-widgets.patch:
  - Git patch to fix GNOME Shell crashing when, for instance,
    Nautilus is ran with not other apps running (LP: #1164086)
* debian/control.in: drop obsolete gconf dependency

84. By Jeremy Bicha on 2013-06-26

* debian/patches/revert-power-dbus-name-update.patch:
  - Revert a commit that broke the power menu. This patch should be
    dropped when we upgrade gnome-settings-daemon to 3.8. (LP: #1195093)

83. By Jeremy Bicha on 2013-06-16

* Merge with Debian. Remaining changes:
  - debian/control.in:
    + Build-depend on libsystemd-login-dev & libsystemd-daemon-dev
    + Depend on gdm instead of gdm3
  - debian/patches/40_change-pam-name-to-match-gdm.patch:
  - debian/patches/revert-suspend-break.patch:
    + Disabled, not needed on Ubuntu
  - debian/patches/ubuntu-lightdm-user-switching.patch:
    + Allow user switching when using LightDM.
  - debian/patches/ubuntu_lock_on_suspend.patch
    + Respect Ubuntu's lock-on-suspend setting.
      Disabled until it can be rewritten.
  - debian/patches/git_relock_screen_after_crash.patch:
    + Backport fix to ensure session is locked after crash
* debian/patches/revert-input-source-changes.patch:
  - Temporarily revert input source changes that need gnome-settings-daemon
    and gnome-control-center 3.8.3 to be useful
* debian/patches/revert-notification-settings-link.patch:
  - Don't link to Notification Settings since that's only available
    with gnome-control-center >= 3.8.

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