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53. By Bryce Harrington

bin/xdiagnose: Exit with error if run as non-root. Otherwise, the
program will crash when it tries to write a new grub configuration.
(LP: #769419)

49. By Bryce Harrington

* control: Add Conflicts for ubuntu-defaults-nexus7 <= 0.39, since
  xrotate was in that package previously.
  (LP: #1101842)
* apport/source_xorg.py: Don't rely on __file__ for locating modules
  from the package; instead catch the import errors and skip use of the
  (LP: #1101800)

48. By Bryce Harrington

Fix python3 issues
(LP: #1101688)

47. By Bryce Harrington

* bin/xrotate: Add new script to manually rotate screen and input.
  Designed for the Nexus 7 tablet; will need extended to support other
* bin/xedid: Add new script for viewing and installing EDID files into
  + Fixes situation where EDID is unavailable, corrupted, or invalid
    (LP: #575985)
  + Fixes situation where KVM corrupts the EDID the monitor provides.
    (LP: #992346)
* bin/xpci: Fix two string issues so xpci will run.
  (LP: #1098390)
* apport/source_xorg.py: Gracefully skip Xorg.0.log parsing if the
  parsing fails.
  (LP: #1098395)
* apport/apport-gpu-error-intel.py: Gracefully skip DMI parsing if
  the parsing fails.
  (LP: #1062042)
* xdiagnose/applet.py: Fix bug where a stray =1 gets added to
  (LP: #954123)
* tests: Add sample Xorg.*.log files rather than using the on-disk one

46. By Bryce Harrington

apport/source_xorg.py: Integrate use of the Xorg log parsing module to
display summary info parsed from Xorg.0.log.
(LP: #1035499)

45. By Bryce Harrington

* bin/*: When run within trunk, use trunk modules
* failsafe-x: Remove the (obsolete) archive generation functionality.
  Users should use `ubuntu-bug xorg` instead in this case.
  (LP: #1036211)
* control: Depend on python3-apport since apport hooks have been
  converted to python3.
  (LP: #1056837)
* apport/source_xorg.py: Don't prompt with support questions for
  auto-collected crash bugs.
  (LP: #1036114)

44. By Bryce Harrington

* control: Move intel-gpu-tools to recommends to fix FTBS
* Force Xorg.0.log encoding to bytes to work around UTF-8 issues
  (LP: #1041104)
* Drop unused and undefined i18n calls
  (LP: #1046991)
* Use gksudo to gain elevated permissions required by xdiagnose
  (LP: #769419)

43. By Bryce Harrington

* Rename general.lib to bubu.lib (Bash UBuntu Utilities)
* x_pkg_names.py: Add module for determining upstream name for debian package
* xorglog.py: Add module for parsing the Xorg.0.log file
* pci_devices.py: Update intel, poulsbo, ati, and nvidia PCI IDs
* xdiagnose: Fix --version to print the version
* xpci: Fix python3 byte->str conversion error
* apport/source_xorg.py:
  - Fix python3 conversion issue finding string in bytes
  - Improve grammar/punctuation in a couple dialogs
* debian/control: Add dependency on librsvg2-common for icon
  (LP: #1026752)

42. By Bryce Harrington

* xdiagnose.udev: Make the GPU apport hook trigger on RESET=1 rather
  than ERROR=1, as an attempt to prevent capturing bug reports on false
  gpu lockups.
  (LP: #983640)
* apport/source_xorg.py:
  - Link to all technical support options, not just to Ask Ubuntu.
    Reword recommendation to explain why technical support should be used
    first. Add a 'referred-by-support' tag so we can give those bugs
    priority attention. Provide an option to just file the bug.
    (LP: #991602)
  - Drop question to allow flagging regressions
    following updates, since bug reporters have been using it incorrectly,
    resulting in too many false positives.
    (LP: #1018510)
  - Clarify question about "willing to do whatever it takes" to specify
    that the debugging work may require gdb or git bisection work.
* xdiagnose.desktop.in: Move xdiagnose to System/Settings menu. Provide
  a GenericName. Set the gettext domain.
* debian/control: Add runtime dependency on librsvg2, required for
  displaying SVG icons.
  (LP: #969603)

41. By Bryce Harrington

Drop out-of-tree python2 module
(LP: #1013911)

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