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120. By Benjamin Drung on 2012-10-04

* debian/vlc.postinst: Fix directory to symlink upgrade in postinst.
  Thanks to David Prévot <email address hidden> (Closes: #687657)
* debian/vlc.preinst: Remove insufficient fix to #613121 (similar issue).
  Thanks to David Prévot for the patch.
* Cherry-pick fix for VLC hang caused by the notify plugin. (Closes: #662628,
  LP: #970447)
* Drop alternative dependency on transitional ttf-freefont.

119. By Benjamin Drung on 2012-08-18

* debian/rules: Use xz compression for binary packages.
  Thanks to Ansgar Burchardt <email address hidden> (Closes: #683836)
* Add version to vlc-nox dependency of vlc-plugin-sdl (consistent with other

118. By Benjamin Drung on 2012-07-21

New upstream release.

117. By Benjamin Drung on 2012-07-07

* Add missing epoch to libqt4-dev build dependency.
* Drop libggi2-dev from build dependencies (not needed any more).
  (Closes: #680237)
* The dependency ttf-freefont was renamed to fonts-freefont-ttf.

116. By Benjamin Drung on 2012-06-30

[ Edward Wang ]
* New upstream release (Closes: #679625, #664279, LP: #689122, #936488,
  #942126, #971106, #972615, #973051, #987231, #995003, #998538).
  - Fix Ogg Heap buffer overflow. Thanks to Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen
* Add the crystalhd plugin to the vlc distribution.
* libcaca_plugin.so now depends on X11 in this release, so it must
  be installed under vlc (versus vlc-nox).

[ Reinhard Tartler ]
* Urgency set to medium because a security issue is fixed in this release

[ Benjamin Drung ]
* Add new plugins to vlc-nox:
  - crystalhd (Linux amd64 and i386 only)
  - directfb
  - fbosd (Linux only)
  - omxil (Linux only)
* Add build dependencies for new plugins.
* Add new symbols to libvlccore5.
* Switch to debhelper 8.

115. By Bhavani Shankar on 2012-06-18

Rebuild for x264 transition

114. By Benjamin Drung on 2012-03-30

Add missing Breaks and Replaces for moving the documentation from vlc-data
away from /usr/share/doc/vlc before converting the directory into a symlink.
(Closes: #665743)

113. By Benjamin Drung on 2012-03-28

Replace symlink by directory in /usr/share/doc/vlc-nox.
(Closes: #665743, LP: #964449)

112. By Benjamin Drung on 2012-03-24

Really add the preinst from Didier Raboud to vlc to drop it's doc directory
before unpacking a symlink to vlc-nox's over it. (Closes: #613121, #662217)

111. By Benjamin Drung on 2012-02-28

* Enable and install Open Sound System (OSS) plugin.
* Fix configure flag from --enable-libv4l2 to --enable-v4l2.

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