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799. By Didier Roche

releasing version 6.10.0-0ubuntu1

798. By Timo Jyrinki

* New upstream release.
  - Gap between the dash gradient and the panel one (LP: #1062375)
  - [regression] Dash closes if the onscreen keyboard is outside of
    Dash' geometry (LP: #1058705)
  - Dash - Category expander arrow is in expanded mode no matter if
    category is actually expanded (LP: #1053047)
  - Unity panel does not show the kate menus in the correct order
    (LP: #1062283)
  - compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in g_type_check_instance_is_a() from
    g_object_unref() from _g_file_attribute_value_clear() from ... from
    query_info_async_cb() [libgvfsdbus.so] (LP: #1061510)
  - dash's music album previews: can't drag the scrollbar (LP: #1056995)
  - Small chunks of the panel shadow appear individually (and very dark)
    (LP: #1057528)
  - compiz crashed with SIGSEGV on Unity "Unmount" (LP: #1055812)
  - [regression] Dash - 'More suggestions' icons in App Lens are too
    large (LP: #1052513)
  - BamfLauncherIcon: ensure the icon and name values when the running
    state changes (LP: #772986)
  - Changes the swapping order of the detail mode. Now the currently
    active window gets moved to the end, instead of getting swapped
    with the last used window (LP: #1061229)
  - Fixes GetRegion tex coord maths (LP: #1058391)
  - Fixed fade-in behavior of Unity's showdesktop function (LP: #1063249)
  - Added <feature>showdesktop</feature> to unityshell.xml.in, because
    the feature showdesktop is provided by unityshell. (LP: #1006429)
    (LP: #1006434) (LP: #1063171)
  - Make HudLauncherIcon::ubus_manager_ "un-static" (LP: #1048274)
  - Fix reference counting problem which leads to memory leaks and a
    crash in MT grab handles (LP: #1046201)
  - Ensure categories with non-personal results can show up before empty
    categories with personal results (LP: #1067327)
  - adds a legal link to the dash, also a new resource, and fix
    backup error (LP: #1065652) (LP: #1066646)

797. By Didier Roche

releasing version 6.8.0-0ubuntu2

796. By Didier Roche

cherry-pick remove google font

795. By Didier Roche

  translated and part of langpacks for 12.10. (LP: #1065652)

794. By Didier Roche

Cherry-pick a fix for having legal information in the dash. This links
to a legal html document. The string itself in the dash is picked from
ubuntu-online-account gnome-control-center integration and so, already
translated and part of langpacks for 12.10.

793. By Didier Roche

releasing version 6.8.0-0ubuntu1

792. By Łukasz Zemczak

* debian/control:
  - Bumped libnux dependency to 3.8.0

791. By Łukasz Zemczak

* New upstream release.
  - unity 6.8 candidate segfaults on "app expose" with low gfx mode
    (LP: #1060148)
  - [regression] Dash - Left separator is missing (LP: #1057798)
  - unity-panel-service crashed with SIGSEGV in
    panel_indicator_entry_accessible_get_n_children() from
    atk_object_get_n_accessible_children() (LP: #913324)
  - [regression] If unity is started with maximized dash, unmaximizing the
    dash does not wrap rows (LP: #1053116)
  - Dash lens buttons don't work after changing form factor to maximize on
    desktop (LP: #1053316)
  - Clicking on Workspace Switcher icon when the expo is showing, not always
    closes it 1059759 convert files list deprecated keys (LP: #1059594)
  - Unity through llvmpipe is slow (LP: #1046497)
  - compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in unity::QuicklistView::Show() from
    unity::QuicklistManager::ShowQuicklist() (LP: #1055995)
  - compiz crashed with SIGSEGV from
    unity::dash::HomeLens::Impl::LensSearchFinished() (LP: #1054219)
  - [regression] Starting an app & then locking to launcher is not persistent
    across sessions (LP: #1054645)
  - [regression] Dash, Launcher, Menu Bar - Unintended shadows are rendered
    for the Unity Launcher and Panel, when the dash is open (LP: #1043260)
  - [Unity 6.x] Active blur doesn't update if you disable CCSM > OpenGL >
    Framebuffer object (LP: #1039999)
  - Alt+Tab/Alt+grave brings other window to the front but loses focus
    entirely. (LP: #1035628)
  - Spread - Scaling all the windows is too slow (LP: #1055643)
  - Window management - Middle clicking on a window inside the spread should
    close that window (equivalent action to clicking on the close button)
    (LP: #1052821)
  - Scale window decorations don't have properly rounded corners
    (LP: #1055610)
  - Scale window decorations text does not match theme style (Radiance)
    (LP: #1055609)
  - Spread window decorations does not match the theme when changed
    (LP: #1055605)
  - scaled window decorations are sometimes wider than the window
    (LP: #1053225)
  - Launcher should not auto-hide after dragging an icon, if mouse is still
    over it (LP: #1053978)
  - unity spread window on second click not working when ibus language panel
    is shown. (LP: #1035895)
  - windows.push_back(<uninitialized value>) in
    BamfLauncherIcon::GetFocusableWindows (LP: #1053220)
  - Category emblems are blurry (LP: #1056874)
  - Rendering flaws of the dash previews (LP: #1055455)
  - [UIFe] Social Lens doesn't have authorised and meaningful icon
    (LP: #1056191)
  - [dash] Preview fade out animation hangs occasionally (LP: #1058145)
  - Dash - rendering of ribbons shouldn't be relative (LP: #1057971)
  - Horizontal alignment search box and views below (LP: #1055544)
  - Compiz crashed in cairo_save() from
    unity::UnityWindow::RenderDecoration() from
    unity::UnityWindow::scalePaintDecoration() from
    ScaleWindow::scalePaintDecoration() (LP: #1061396)
  - [regression] Spinner doesn't spin around its center (LP: #1061081)
  - [regression] Graphical glitches in HUD/Dash bottom left and top right
    corner (LP: #1060532)
  - [Quantal] unity-lens-application does not start on some slow machines
    (LP: #1058619)
  - [Dash] Rendering flaw of the dash search entry (LP: #1059562)
  - [dash] Rendering flaw of filterbar after scrolling down/scrolling up.
    (LP: #1059607)
  - Unity launcher doesn't prompt for password to unlock the device when
    clicking on a encrypted volume icon (LP: #713432)
  - [regression] Unable to add desktop files with spaces in their name from
    Nautilus into the Launcher (LP: #1055552 )
  - Missing context menus for Qt apps after minimizing the window
    (LP: #929712)
  - Music preview note image is blurry (LP: #1060195)

790. By Sebastien Bacher

Upload to quantal-proposed for the compiz abi transition

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