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50. By Michael Terry on 2012-10-09

* debian/patches/fix-timed-autologin.patch:
  - Fix timed login by paying attention to the signal from lightdm.
    Patch from upstream trunk. LP: #902852
* debian/control:
  - Require lightdm 1.4.0 for their own fixes to timed autologin

49. By Michael Terry on 2012-10-07

* debian/patches/close-orca.patch:
  - Make turning off the screen reader work again, now that the --quit
    argument to orca was dropped.
* debian/patches/do-not-read-password.patch:
  - Workaround an orca problem where it doesn't notice the currently
    focused widget on startup. With this fix, it will no longer read
    your password as you type it. LP: #944159

48. By Michael Terry on 2012-10-03

* debian/patches/sigterm-onboard.patch:
  - Send SIGTERM not SIGKILL to onboard, to allow it to release keys
    LP: #978430

47. By Michael Terry on 2012-10-02

* debian/patches/do-not-mention-citrix-support.patch:
  - We don't actually support Citrix out of the box, so don't mention it
    in the remote login help dialog. LP: #1059663

46. By Michael Terry on 2012-10-01

* New upstream bug fix release
  - Fix rendering of password entry's spinner (LP: #1059447)
  - Fix rendering of password entry's cursor after closing a dialog
    (LP: #1049261)
  - Fix slight pixel jump in names as they finish scrolling (LP: #1056941)
  - Fix not being able to click on first few sessions in session chooser
    (LP: #1052453)
  - Cleanly close onboard keyboard to prevent it crashing on login
    (LP: #1055698)
  - Use a lightdm hint for controlling whether remote login is enabled
* debian/patches/trunk_session_chooser.patch,
  - Dropped, included upstream

45. By Sebastien Bacher on 2012-10-01

* debian/patches/trunk_session_chooser.patch:
  - backport from trunk: "Fix bug preventing user from clicking
    on first few sessions in session chooser (lp: #1052453)"

44. By Michael Terry on 2012-09-20

* debian/patches/move-nm-applet.patch:
  - Start nm-applet after we set INDICATOR_GREETER_MODE so that it knows
    it's in the greeter and can adjust UI accordingly.

43. By Michael Terry on 2012-09-17

* New upstream release
  - Rearrange some UI bits (LP: #1049231, LP: #1049235, LP: #1049236,
    LP: #1049239)
  - After a remote login error, do not use cache when trying same user
  - When no users and no manual entry, force manual entry to appear
    (LP: #1044251)
  - When switching between monitors, re-adjust user names (LP: #1043604)
  - Center remote login help dialog
  - Use the xsettings plugin to apply icons-in-menus gsetting
    (LP: #927236)
* debian/unity-greeter.pkla:
  - Fix policykit file to not be order-dependent and spell out the
    NetworkManager permissions instead of using a wildcard.
    LP: #1048522
* debian/control:
  - Add some Build-Depends for new test suite
* debian/patches/01_add_remote_login_help_icon.patch:
  - Drop, remote login help icon is included upstream
* debian/patches/02_use_remote_login_hint.patch:
  - Update to apply again

42. By Michael Terry on 2012-09-11

* debian/patches/02_use_remote_login_hint.patch:
  - Use new greeter hint to control whether remote login is enabled,
    rather than a gsettings key for the lightdm user.
* debian/control:
  - Bump lightdm version to latest for above greeter hint

41. By Michael Terry on 2012-09-07

Whoops, and Recommend remote-login-service and friends to pull
them in for proper Remote Login support.

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