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28. By Andres Rodriguez on 2012-10-11

* Fix MAAS not working after CD/preseed install (LP: #1065763)
  - debian/extras/maas-region-celeryd: Add wrapper to run celery from
    the upstart job.
  - debian/extras/maas-region-controller.maas-region-celery.upstart: Create
    rabbitmq user if it does not exists.
* debian/control: Remove unneeded deps on python-txtftp for some binary pkgs.
* debian/maas-region-controller.postinst: Minor fix referencing variable.

27. By Andres Rodriguez on 2012-10-10

* New upstream release.

[ Raphaël Badin ]
* debian/maas-region-controller.postinst: Enable proxy_http module.
* debian/maas-cluster-controller.postinst: Create /var/lib/maas. (LP: #1065062)

[ Andres Rodriguez ]
* Install maas-provision with python-maas-provisioningserver (LP: #1065171):
  - debian/python-maas-provisioningserver.install: Install
  - debian/control: Add Conflicts/Replaces with maas-cluster-controller
    to handle upgrades.
* debian/patches/04-fix-ipmi-enlistment.patch: Drop. Merged Upstream.
* debian/control: Depends on maas-region-controller for maas-dns.
* debian/maas-region-controller.postinst: Set the correct host for
  BROKER_URL (LP: #1065080)
* Handle creation of user/group in maas-common.
* debian/maas-region-controller.config: Always source dbconfig scripts.

26. By Robie Basak on 2012-10-10

04-fix-ipmi-enlistment.patch: retry maas-enlist without power parameters
on failure. This allows enlistment to continue working with Precise
ephemeral images before the Precise SRU for maas-enlist lands.
(LP: #1064922).

25. By Andres Rodriguez on 2012-10-10

debian/patches/99-ipmi-user-too-long.patch: Fix username too long for
IPMI user created on enlistment (LP: #1064832)

24. By Andres Rodriguez on 2012-10-08

* New upstream release. (LP: #1064596)
* debian/patches/99-temporary-fix-constraints.patch: Dropped.
* debian/control:
  - ${python:Depends} for maas-common.
  - Add missing Depends for python-maas-provisioningserver (LP: #1064542)
* debian/maas-cluster-controller.postinst: Create /var/log/maas if it
  doesn't exist (LP: #1064539)

23. By Andres Rodriguez on 2012-10-08

* New upstream release. (LP: #1062518)

[ Julian Edwards ]
* Split packaging of 'maas' into maas-{region,cluster}-controller
  - debian/control: Update accordingly.
  - debian/*.install: Move files accordingly
  - debian/*.{postinst,postrm,preinst}: Move files accordingly.
* Ensure isc-dhcp-server is disabled when installing maas-dhcp.
* Ensure maas-dns creates the maas user before trying to chown files.
* Make maas-cluster-controller autoconfigure itself when upgrading from the
  old maas package. (LP: #1059416)
* Add missing prerm file for maas-cluster-controller so that .pyc files
  are cleaned up. (LP: #1059973)

[ Raphaël Badin ]
* Install maas_local_celeryconfig.py in /etc/maas and symlink to
* debian/maas.postinst: Create rabbitmq celery user/vhost.
* debian/maas.postinst: Update BROKER_URL in maas_local_celeryconfig.py.
* Use maas_local_celeryconfig_cluster.py as the local celery
  configuration file for the cluster worker.
* debian/maas-region-controller.maas-region-celery.upstart: Add region
  worker upstart script.
* Rename cluster worker upstart script into
* maas-cluster-controller.maas-celery.upstart: use "celeryconfig_cluster"
  as the Celery config module.
* debian/maas-common.install: Install celeryconfig_common.py.
* debian/maas-cluster-controller.install: Install celeryconfig_cluster.py.
* debian/maas-region-controller.install: Install celeryconfig.py.
* Split celery config into cluster and region configs.
* Add region celeryd upstart config.

[ Jeroen Vermeulen ]
* Make maas_local_celery_config.py non-world readable.
* Make maas_local_celeryconfig_cluster.py non-world readable.
* Set root:maas ownership of local cluster config only *after*
  the maas user/group have been created

[ Andres Rodriguez ]
* debian/maas.postinst:
  - Always restart apache2.
  - Handle upgrades for new upstream release.
  - Handle upgrades for celery rabbitmq worker.
* Add binary package to install client tool.
  - debian/extras/maas-cli: Add binary.
  - debian/maas-cli.install: Add. Install maascli and apiclient.
  - debian/control: Add binary package.
* debian/control:
  - Depends on freeipmi-tools instead of ipmitool.
  - Conflicts/Replaces on maas for python-maas-client.
  - Depends on python-netifaces, python-lxml.
* Add python-maas-client binary package:
  - debian/python-maas-client.install: Add. Install 'apiclient' python module.
  - debian/control: Add package. python-django-maas and maas-cli now
    Depend on it.
* debian/rules: Install maas-dhcp-server upstart job.
* debian/maas.postrm: Remove celery worker rabbitmq user and host.
* debian/extras/99-maas-sudoers: Add for maas-dhcp-server upstart job
  instead of isc-dhcp-server (LP: #1055951)
* debian/maas-region-controller.postinst: Cleanup upgrade rules.
* debian/maas-cluster-controller.postinst: Fix 'local' usage.
* debian/maas-common.install: Install celeryconfig in appropriate location.
* debian/maas-cluster-controller.postrm: Add and delete maas user.
* debian/maas-dhcp.postinst: Stop isc-dhcp-server not isc_dhcp_server.
* debian/maas-region-controller.postinst:
  - Always update passwords on upgrade. No longer check versioning. (LP: #1060094).
  - Add MAAS server to allowed mirror in squid-deb-proxy
  - Source dbconfig conf file for maas-region-controller on upgrade because
    it writes a new config file and no longer preservers the previous password.
* debian/maas-cluster-controller.maas-cluster-celery.upstart: Remove set{uid/gid}.
* debian/maas-region-controller.install: Install maas-import-squashfs
* Handle removal of non existant files (LP: #1059556):
  - debian/maintscript: Added to handle removal of conffiles.
  - debian/control: Add Pre-depends and bump debhelper version.
* update po files for the templates.
* debian/extras/99-maas: Install in usr/share/maas/conf and symlink to the
  appropriate etc dir.
* debian/maas-cluster-controller.config: Source debconf at the beginning of the
  script. (LP: #1063857)
* debian/patches/99-temporary-fix-constraints.patch: Fix constraints maaping
  when deploying with juju. Temporary until it gets merged upstream

[ Robie Basak ]
* Add maas-cluster-controller dependency on uuid-runtime, needed for uuidgen
  by postinst.

[ Scott Moser ]
* debian/maas-dhcp.{install,apparmor,postrm} install apparmor profile into
  /etc/apparmor.d/dhcpd.d (LP: #1049177), and update apparmor profile for
  /usr/sbin/dhcpd on install/remove
* get the ip address for the dhcp server in config

[ Diogo Matsubara ]
* Add initial tests to be run by autotests:
  - debian/control: XS-Testsuite: autopkgtest
  - debian/tests/control: Add
  - debian/tests/maas-package-test: Add
  - tests/maas-integration.py: Add

22. By Andres Rodriguez on 2012-09-05

debian/extras/99-maas-sudoers: Add missing rule for
maas-provision. (LP: #1046397)

21. By Andres Rodriguez on 2012-08-02

* New upstream release (LP: #1044367)

[ Julian Edwards ]
* Fix 02-pserv-config.patch to handle new default tftp directory

[ Andres Rodriguez ]
* debian/maas.postinst:
  - include '/MAAS' for DEFAULT_MAAS_URL.(LP: #1033956)
  - Update bzr version to safely upgrade.
* Add maas-dns package that configures DNS in MAAS (LP: #1030860)
* Remove cobbler related bits
  - debian/maas.postinst: Drop cobbler configuration
  - debian/maas.install: Drop installation of snippets/preseeds.
  - debian/control:
    + Drop Depends on maas-provision. (LP: #975473)
    + Depends on bind9utils.
    + Depends on python-lockfile (LP: #1037400)
    Add necessary Conflicts/Replaces. Add conflicts to tftpd-hpa and dnsmasq.
    Depends on isc-dhcp-server for maas-dhcp, and syslinux-common.
  - debian/extras/maas-provision: Add missing "$@" (LP: #1040462)
  - debian/patches:
    + 02-pserv-config.patch: Updated. Do not patch cobbler related bits.
      patch tftp config to default.
* maas-dhcp: Re-add to handle initial configuration of MAAS DHCP server.
* Allow restart of 'isc-dhcp-server' by adding a sudoers file:
  - debian/extras/99-maas-sudoers: Added.
  - debian/maas.install: Install 99-maas-sudoers
* Minor improvements on dbconfig-common handling:
  - debian/maas.config: Only call dbc_go when scripts present.
  - debian/maas.postrm: Only call dbc_go when config file exists.
* debian/maas.maas-celery.upstart: Enable Beat and set scheduler db file.
* debian/maas-dns.postinst: Set correct permissions. (LP: #1042868)
* debian/maas-dhcp.config:
  - Ask whether we want to enable DHCP (LP: #1044229)
  - Add debconf question for network interfaces
* debian/maas.prerm: Stop services before removing database (LP: #1044559)

20. By Andres Rodriguez on 2012-07-17

* New upstream release
* Only run 'maas' command as root. (LP: #974046)
  - debian/extras/maas: Check id.
  - debian/maas.install: Install in 'sbin'.
* debian/maas.postinst:
  - restart apache2 after everything gets processed.
  - Update version to handle upgrades.
* debian/extras/maas-provision: Add wrapper to access 'maasprovisiong'
  command line.
* debian/patches/99_temporary_fix_path.patch: Dropped. No longer needed.

19. By Andres Rodriguez on 2012-07-17

debian/control: Build-Dep on python-django instead of

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