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223. By Stefan Bader

* Refresh fix-ubuntu-xen-qemu-dm-path.patch to only use executable
  names and let the toolchain find out the right paths (LP: #914788).
  Thanks George Dunlap.
* Refresh and re-activate xen_hypervisor-treat-missing-privcmd-file-
  as-temporary.patch (LP: #922486)

222. By Marc Deslauriers

* SECURITY UPDATE: denial of service via invalid RPC command
  - debian/patches/CVE-2012-3445.patch: make sure nparams isn't set to
    zero in daemon/remote.c.
  - CVE-2012-3445

221. By Marc Deslauriers

debian/libvirt-bin.apport: add filter on AppArmor profile names to
prevent false positives from denials originating in other packages.

220. By Jamie Strandboge

debian/apparmor/libvirt-qemu: allow owner read access to @{PROC}/*/auxv

219. By Serge Hallyn

* enable netcf support (LP: #520386)
  - debian/control: build-dep on libnetcf-dev
  - debian/rules: add --with-netcf to configure args
* add patch netcf-daemon-fix-wrong-macro-name from upstream so netcf support
  can actually work.

218. By Serge Hallyn

* add patch Reduce-udevadm-settle-timeout-to-10-seconds.patch (copied from
  Debian tree) to fix 3 minute hang during pool-refresh when using LVM
  backed pools. (LP: #1027987)
* debian/control: add pm-utils to libvirt-bin Suggests. (LP: #994476)

217. By Chuck Short

* debian/patches/add-armhf-sysinfo-infomration.patch:
  Provides cpuinfo for armhf cpus.
* debian/patches/add-armhf-cpuinfo-parser.patch:
  Fixes compile time warning about armhf cpus.

216. By Serge Hallyn

* debian/apparmor/libvirt-qemu: add ceph.conf (LP: #1026404)
* debian/patches: re-add 9002-better_default_uri_virsh.patch (LP: #1026515)

215. By Serge Hallyn

Apply upstream patch to switch default storage pool dir perms from 0700
to 0755. Then push our own patch to change that to 0711. We'll get the
upstream patch on 0.9.14 merge, but we'll want to keep our patch on top
of that.

214. By Chuck Short

* New upstream version:
* debian/rules: Remove .la files
* debian/control: Dropped debian vcs info.
* Dropped:
  - debian/paches/9022-pass-the-virt-driver-name-into-security-drivers:
    Already applied upstream.
  - debian/patches/9023-dont-enable-apparmor-driver-with-lxc
    Already applied upstream.
  - debian/patches/9024-initialize-random-generator-in-lxc:
    Already applied upstream.
* Re-diffed:
  - debian/patches/9002-better_default_uri_virsh.patch
* Added:
  - debian/patches/add-libvirt-highbank-support.patch: Add highbank
    CPU detection support.
  - debian/patches/fix-lxc-container-unmounting.patch: Fix container

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