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24. By Felix Geyer

No-change backport to quantal (LP: #1191816)

23. By Felix Geyer

No-change backport to quantal (LP: #1132787)

22. By UNera

* [Paul Wise]
 * Mention the homing bee in the package description (Closes: #577092)
 * Also install the hwengine desktop file (LP: #811770)
 * Depend on ttf-dejavu-core since it is smaller
 * Depend on ttf-wqy-zenhei instead of embedding a copy of it
* [Dmitry E. Oboukhov]
 * New upstream version.

21. By UNera

* New upstream version.
 + Downloadable content! Simply click to install any content.
   New voices, hats, maps, themes, translations, music, scripts...
   Hedgewars is now more customisable than ever before! As time goes
   by we will be soliciting community content to feature on this page,
   so remember to check it from time to time. If you decide you want
   to go back to standard Hedgewars, just remove the Data directory
   from your Hedgewars config directory.
 + 3-D rendering! Diorama-like rendering of the game in a variety
   of 3D modes. Let us know which ones work best for you, we didn't
   really have the equipment to test them all.
 + Resizable game window.
 + New utilities! The Time Box will remove one of your hedgehogs
   from the game for a while, protecting from attack until it returns,
   somewhere else on the map. Land spray will allow you to build bridges,
   seal up holes, or just make life unpleasant for your enemies.
 + New single player: Bamboo Thicket, That Sinking Feeling, Newton and
   the Tree and multi-player: The Specialists, Space Invaders,
   Racer - scripts! And a ton more script hooks for scripters
 + New twists on old weapons. Drill strike, seduction and fire have
   been adjusted. Defective mines have been added, rope can attach to
   hogs/crates/barrels again, grenades now have variable bounce (use
   precise key + 1-5). Portal gun is now more usable in flight and
   all game actions are a lot faster.
 + New theme - Golf, dozens of new community hats and a new
   localised Default voice, Ukranian.

20. By UNera

Exclude buggy icnsutils from B-D.

19. By Dylan McCall

debian/{control,rules,hedgewars-data.install}: extract and install high
quality icons for .desktop file (LP: #739760).

18. By UNera

* New upstream version.
 + Ability to create, save and load hand drawn maps
 + New maps: Capture the Flag (Blizzard) Map
 + New themes: Christmas
 + Snowflakes on Christmas/Snow themes accumulates on the ground
 + New game modifiers: No wind, More wind
 + New missions: Dangerous ducklings, Diver, Spooky tree, Teamwork
 + New weapons: Mudball, Drill strike
 + Many more Lua hooks
 + Readytimer
 + Ability to edit seed
 + Ability to select gameplay scripts
 + New gameplay scripts: Capture the Flag, No jumping, Random weapon
 + New Lua unified translation framework
 + Code refactoring
 + Max teams upped to 8
 + Cosmetic enhancements to Napalm strike
 + Selecting a game scheme selects the corresponding weapon set
 + Dust when drills dig
 + New hats: beaver, porkey, sheep
 + Add density property to Gears
 + Reworked management of schemes and weapon sets
 + Will ask before deleting teams, schemes and weapon sets
 + Explosions detach rope from land
 + Allow hog speech when not your turn

17. By Martin Pitt

No-change rebuild against current pkgbinarymangler to leave our PNGs
alone. (LP: #685421)

16. By UNera

* New upstream version.
 + New audio tracks
 + New forts: EvilChicken, Tank
 + New game modes: AI Survival Mode, Per Hedgehog Ammo,
   Reset Health, Reset Weapons, Unlimited Attacks
 + New grave: ring
 + Over 30 new hats
 + New themes: Art, Brick, Jungle, Stage
 + New maps: ShoppaKing, Sticks, TrophyRace (Mission)
 + New utilities: Portal Gun, Resurrector
 + New weapons: Flamethrower, Hammer, Old Limburger,
   Piano Strike, Sticky Mines
 + Weapons' projectiles will how be launched from their
   barrels instead of the hog's center
 + Flying Saucers may be used for moving below the water surface
 + New default game schemes: Clean Slate, Fort Mode, Timeless,
   Thinking with Portals, King Mode
 + New default weapon set: Clean Slate, Thinking with Portals
 + Bomb clusters/Melon parts inherit some of the original bomb's speed
 + Extended game statistics
 + Improved health bar updating
 + Hogs that blow themselves up will use triggers in they team color
 + Settings allow better control over the level of details/effects
 + Improved Lua support
 + On empty ammo switch to no weapon rather than the first available
   one (to avoid shooting by accident)
 + Display of hints in the frontend
 + Some improvements of existing Themes of Maps
 + Land destruction effects added
 + Improved fire effects
 + Improved Melon explosion effects
 + Online game lobby now features game filters
 + Other Frontend enhancements
 + Additional sounds
 + Show special game rules in Esc screen
 + Updated translation
 + Speed optimizations
 + Hedgewars will now use a sub directory of "My Documents"
   like other games instead of "%userprofile%/.hedgewars" under Windows
 + Added support for graphics cards/drivers that have a 512x512
   pixel textures limit
 + Team colors are more distinguishable from each other now
 * Fixed bug that allowed charging a weapon while on rope,
   leading to frozen timer
 * Various bug fixes
* Switched to 3.0 source format.
* Switched to cdbs build system.

15. By UNera

* New upstream version, closes: #576370
  * many bug fixes
  * speed optimisations
  * many new hats, hats visible while using rope and blowtorch
  * Exploding barrels
  * AI uses new weapons, aware of fire, can fight in artillery mode
  * New options in ammo editing - crate probability, delays
  * option of semi-opaque hog name tags to avoid fail when
    land is hidden by name
  * new British voicepack
  * notification sound when people join your room
  * translation updates
  * contextual help when using weapons menu
  * 3d effect for waves
  * fade effect when starting/stopping game
  * new game modes - place hedgehog, king mode, randomise starts,
    allies share ammo, disable girders
  * shift + direction to turn without moving
  * view ammo menu when not your turn
  * new font for CJK text and better CJK detection
  * dud mines
  * hat reservation for donators (hats should be released to public
    in 6 months or so)
  * team flags
  * visual effects: dust on fall impact, smoke, shotgun shells,
    blink team name on start of turn, hogs pulling weapons out,
    falling flakes kicked by explosion and more
  * hogs react to throwing grenades / dynamite and when near them
  * graphic of crate contents when picking up weapon/utility
  * walk sound for hedgehogs
  * UFO changed to homing bee
  * splashes/droplets when things fall in the water
  * 45 degree bounce when throwing grenades
  * new bounce sounds
  * information on game rules when starting game
  * knockball map (scripted map)
  * Birdy weapon and poisoning effect
  * maze generator for new random maps
  * new crazy map template
  * new Olympics, Desert themes, visual updates to many other themes
  * Background texture for land for a 3d effect on explosions
  * frontend able to delete teams
  * ignore/friends lists in frontend
  * alt weapon preview on rope, parachute
  * updated options in frontend: independent toggles for
    frontend/game sound/music, select locale
  * More
  * lua scripting
    Lua scripting allows the easy creation of missions and special maps.
    Examples of this can be seen in the Knockball and Basketball maps,
    that are now scripted

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