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3286. By Łukasz Zemczak

* New upstream snapshot.
  - Added missing glEnable/glDisableClientState calls for
    GL_TEXTURE_COORD_ARRAY and GL_VERTEX_ARRAY to make firepaint work with
    the new codebase (LP: #1048505)
  - Avoid calling code that results in calls to regexec as much as possible.
    Regular expression matching is too expensive to do very often and compiz
    was spending 31% of its CPU time in regexec() (LP: #1095001)
  - Add a feature for blacklisting certain graphics drivers from being able
    to unredirect fullscreen windows (LP: #1089246)
  - Prevent windows from maximizing on the wrong monitor (LP: #751605)
  - When dragging a window between workspaces, don't warp the pointer by a
    mysterious 10 pixels. Instead warp the pointer by 1 so it goes from one
    edge to the next without getting ahead of the window drag (LP: #201681)
  - Screenshot Plugin: Re-added GL_BLEND enabling and disabling calls to fix
    the selection rectangle not being transparent anymore (LP: #1047788)
  - Re-added missing glEnable (GL_BLEND); and glDisable (GL_BLEND); calls to
    the OpenGL codepath to fix the text plugin's missing transparency
    (LP: #1042132)
  - Set tabCount to 1 in KCommonDecorationUnstable. It will cause floating
    point exception when set to 0. (LP: #1050776)
  - Fixed fails to build from source in KDE4-window-decorator with latest KDE
    4.10 beta (LP: #1082152)
  - Restore cube transparency support for the top and bottom faces
    (LP: #1048272)
  - Hopefully fixed a memory leak in void update_frames_shadows (gpointer
    key, gpointer value, gpointer user_data) (LP: #1033879)

3285. By Timo Jyrinki

* New upstream release.
  - Enable Unredirect Fullscreen Windows by default. It seems to be
    stable enough with all the major graphics drivers now, as at Ubuntu
    12.10 (with updates). (LP: #1063690)
  - Grid: Reset the currently handled window in the GridWindow
    destructor only if the destroyed window was the handled one.
    (LP: #1048855) (LP: #1067812)
  - Grid: Set GridWindow->lastTarget to GridMaximize only if the
    window was fully maximized. (LP: #1071689)
* Cherry-pick related fixes from upstream:
  - Fixed: unredirected fullscreen windows sliding offscreen were
    staying unredirected (always visible), because compiz thought
    they were fullscreen on a different monitor. Add extra smarts
    to tell the difference between fullscreen and offscreen.
    (LP: #1084401)
  - Add an option to specify which windows are allowed to be unredirected
    when they are fullscreen. Default: Allow unredirection on all window
    types except common video players: Totem, MPlayer, Vlc or Plugin-
    container (Flash or other nested browser windows). (LP: #1051802)
  - Add Firefox to the unredirect exceptions. (LP: #1086337)

3284. By Timo Jyrinki

* New upstream snapshot.
  - Avoid duplicate template instantiations of PluginClassHandler<>, at
    least for those plugins that get re-used by others. (LP: #1065815)
  - Don't try to dereference NULL, which is returned by
    ccsGConfIntegratedSettingReadValue when it gets unexpected data
    from gconf. (LP: #1056615)
  - Stop the resize border (Rectangle resize mode) from flickering
    slightly. (LP: #1068518)

3283. By Timo Jyrinki

* New upstream snapshot.
  - Cherry-picked fixes in Ubuntu merged to development branch
  - Fix leakage of destroyed_pixmaps_table, containing pointers to freed
    decor_t's which could result in a freed GHashTable being passed into
    g_hash_table_remove and causing a crash. (LP: #1060171)

3282. By Didier Roche

* debian/config, debian/compiz-gnome.migrations,
  - add the default gnome_session profile to use gsettings as the migrated
    user are on this profile (LP: #1036752). The existing migration scripts
    will upgrade the user config.
  - For new users and users already on quantal before this fix, remove the
    local config file created if you logged in the classic session hiding the
    system one. Also, as the global default is including the unity* plugins,
    remove them from the list of plugins the first time you log in.

3281. By Łukasz Zemczak

* debian/control:
  - Add dependency on gnome-settings-daemon for compiz-gnome, since some
    tests need the g-s-d gsetting schemas
* New upstream release.
  - FTBFS with -DCOMPIZ_BUILD_TESTING=OFF if libgtest-dev is not installed
    (LP: #1057421)
  - [performance] glXSwapIntervalEXT called every frame, which is very slow
    on Nvidia. (LP: #1051286)
  - opacify plugin: opacity isn't reset after switching window (LP: #1050757)
  - cmake fails on python 2.6 as sys.version_info does not contain
    major_version or minor_version (LP: #1048964)
  - scale mode is not visible if a fullscreen window is unredirected
    (LP: #1047168)
  - Unredirected fullscreen windows flicker briefly when another window
    (like a menu) opens above them (LP: #1046664)
  - Week33 - Grid highlight window appears while switching between workspaces
    (LP: #1037142)
  - gtk-window-decorator leaks large numbers of pixmaps and pixmap memory
    (LP: #1057263)
  - [fglrx] compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in glXDestroyContext()
    [/usr/lib/fglrx/libGL.so.1] from GLScreen::~GLScreen() (LP: #1054724)
  - Maximized window gets unredirected when it's not fullscreen
    (LP: #1053902)
  - Double shortcuts conflict with gnome-control-center ones (LP: #1050796)
  - gtk-window-decorator leaking window handles. Window operations become
    sluggish after a few days of usage (LP: #1050610)
  - [valgrind] Up to 520,000 bytes lost when running
    CCSGSettingsBackendConceptTest (LP: #1049169)
  - 1:0.9.8+bzr3319-0ubuntu1 regression: keeps setting gsettings keys to
    wrong values (LP: #1042041)
  - Compiz r3275 breaks VirtualBox Guest Additions: black screen or just
    wallpaper (LP: #1030891)
  - Incorrect (low/stuttering) refresh rate with NVIDIA driver (LP: #92599)
  - ARM build broken with 'swapInterval' is not a member of 'GL'
    (LP: #1056645)
  - compiz.fix_927168 broke ARM building (LP: #1052838)
  - compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in __strcasestr_ia32() from
    ccsStringToModifiers(binding=NULL) (LP: #1041535)
* Cherry-picked from upstream:
  - ABI bump due to an ABI change in the composite plugin
  - Removed schema keys still used in keybindings and automated tests
    (LP: #1057955)

3280. By Didier Roche

[ Sam Spilsbury ]
* debian/python-compizconfig.install
  - Install compizconfig-python.pc
* debian/patches/100_expo_layout.patch
  - re-add the expo layout that used to be in precise (LP: #1047067)
  - add some testcases

[ Timo Jyrinki ]
* New upstream snapshot.
  - Fix multiple window placement bugs (LP: #974242) (LP: #976032)
  - Don't waste CPU looping through and looking at all the windows if you're
    rendering an output that has no damage on it. (LP: #1014986)
  - Updated convert files to fix some typos in the key names. (LP: #1041631)
  - Fix crash when imgsvg is loaded, due to missing symbol
    (decor_apply_gravity from libdecoration). (LP: #956986)
  - Treat unresolved symbols at link time as an error, rather than letting
    them through and cause strange crashes later. (LP: #1043143)
  - Refactors a little bit of the upgrade code and gets it under test to
    prepare to fix (LP: #1042537)
  - Updated AUTHORS from the full bzr log, and re-sort the list.
    (LP: #1042095)
  - Fixes FTBFS for kde4-window-decorator (LP: #1041310)
  - Fix obvious omissions from the introduction of unminimize_*,
    which were causing the unminimize animation settings to be ignored
    (LP: #1040455)
  - resize plugin: don't crash if resize wasn't initiated externally
    (LP: #1045191)
  - Clean up capitalization (LP: #1045652)
  - Avoid division by zero, if plugins try to deform a window down to size
    zero. (LP: #1045235)
  - Make "Unredirect Fullscreen Windows" more reliable. This fixes the
    problem with unredirection failing to engage at all (LP: #1041066) when
    gtk-window-decorator creates offscreen windows that are stacked on top.
    This also fixes the problem with unredirect hiding all windows,
    because it thinks the desktop window should be stacked on top
    (LP: #980663).
  - Ensure unredirected windows don't stay unredirected if they're no longer
    on top. (LP: #1041047)
  - Fix launching terminal functionality and make show-hud default key
    visible. Update the defaults to org.compiz.integrated to reflect the
    actual gnome values pre-gnome-3. (LP: #1040081) (LP: #1046199)
    (LP: #1046190)
    (LP: #1046212)
  - Fixed: Windows with an alpha-channel, like gnome-terminal, were not
    being considered as possibly covering fullscreen windows. But they most
    certainly can. This ensures such RGBA windows are visible if they're
    stacked above a fullscreen window. (LP: #1046661)
  - Remove ListToStringList (LP: #1046184)
  - Fix typo causing CMake Error (LP: #1045665)
  - Transitions gtk-window-decorator over to use GSettings. Add a testing
    framework for the options code. (LP: #1042323)
  - Also need kdeworkspace since kdecorationbridge.h is there
    (LP: #1046770)
  - Implements some cleanup that was suggested on the merge for the original
    port to gsettings. Other issues fixed as well. (LP: #1042323)
  - Fix the case where a new gsettings schema got added for building but
    it wasn't recompiled locally (LP: #1046701)
  - Scale: select the window under the pointer, when the scale animation
    is over. (LP: #1045127)
  - Fixes the some "Use of uninitialised value" warnings reported by
    valgrind (LP: #1004336))
  - Check if org.gnome.mutter is available before using it (LP: #1048551)
  - We don't need to map our style windows, prevent them from cluttering
    up the paint queue (LP: #1042552)
  - Migrate profile independent keys separately from the profile
    dependent keys (LP: #1046190)
  - Don't ever enter the subdir of a plugin that is disabled. (LP: #1049100)
  - Workaround SubBuffer performance regression (LP: #1037411)
  - Changed the default placement of the benchmark window from 0,0 to
    100,50. (LP: #1039406)
  - Ensure window decorations always get rendered after the window, not
    before. This is how it was in compiz 0.9.7, and is required in order
    to resolve unity panel shadow (LP: #1050704)
  - Fix CMakeLists.txt to bring an xslt file back to compiz-dev
  - Avoid a NULL dereference and give a useful error message instead
    (LP: #944653)
  - Fix (LP: #1050752)
  - Check that pixmaps which aren't managed by us actually exist before
    binding. (LP: #927168)
  - Fix flickering and performance problems with using Unredirect Fullscreen
    Windows with multiple monitors. (LP: #1050749) (LP: #1051885)
* debian/compiz-dev.install
  - Remove compizconfig-python.pc, now in python-compizconfig.install
* Drop dependency on libgconf2-dev, add gconf2 dependency to the
  transitional package for migrations
* Add -DUSE_GCONF=OFF to debian/rules
* debian/libdecoration0.symbols
  - Add decor_shadow_options_cmp
* Cherry-pick fixes from trunk:
* Restore 'Glide 2' unminimize animation via override

[ Didier Roche ]
* debian/libdecoration0.symbols:
  - update the symbols file
* add and cherry-pick missing ABI breakage bump

3279. By Sebastien Bacher

* debian/control, debian/rules:
  - enable gles on armel and armhf
  - use dh-translations rather than custom code

[ Sam Spilsbury ]
* Enable OpenGL ES building
  - Refresh debian/patches/workaround_broken_drivers.patch
  - Remove non-ported plugins from compiz-plugins
  - Add FindOpenGLES2.cmake to compiz-dev

[ Timo Jyrinki ]
* New upstream release.
  - Code to make compiz work on GLES. This includes several changes
    to the compiz API. (LP: #201342) (LP: #901097) (LP: #1004251)
    (LP: #1037710)
  - Draft first NEWS and bump VERSION
* debian/patches/compiz-package-gles2.patch:
  - Remove, obsoleted by the upstream GLES work
* Disable plugins that don't work on pure GLES on armhf/armel:
  - bench, firepaint, mblur, showmouse, splash, showrepaint, td, widget

3278. By Robert Ancell

No change rebuild against the latest metacity

3277. By Sebastien Bacher

releasing version 1:0.9.8+bzr3319-0ubuntu1

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