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34. By Dave Chiluk on 2015-06-19

Openstack + ovs 1.4.6-0ubuntu1.12.04.4 + kernels 3.2.0-70 and newer crash
on first gre traffic. (LP: #1466978)

33. By Chris J Arges on 2014-10-10

Update: d/p/0010-datapath_ip_select_ident_fix.patch:
Fix stable kernel changes to ip_select_ident. (LP: #1379201)

32. By Chris J Arges on 2014-02-14

Fix latency issues between VMs using OVS. (LP: #1280370)

31. By Chris J Arges on 2014-01-08

d/p/0010-datapath_ip_select_ident_fix.patch: linux commit 703133de changes
the first parameter of ip_select_ident from iph to skb (LP: #1262692)

30. By James Page on 2013-09-03

* New upstream point release (LP: #1219788, #1134103):
  - Dropped patches, included upstream:
    + update_odputil_key_bytes.patch
    + fix_ftbfs_big_endian.patch
    + lp1044318-Reset-upper-layer-protocol-info.patch
    + ofproto-Rate-limit-STP-status-errors-on-non-existent-ports.patch
  - Sync selected packaging updates from upstream packaging:
    + d/openvswitch-switch.logrotate: Use '-t' instead of '--t' when
      notifying daemons to rotate logs.
    + d/openvswitch-switch.init,openvswitch-switch.postinst,rules:
      Ensure package installs don't fail due to missing openvswitch module.
    + d/rules: Only provide --with-build-number option to configure
      if its actually being used.
    + d/openvswitch-switch.README.Debian: OpenvSwitch is now usable
      from first install; drop information about configuration before
    + d/openvswitch-pki.{postinst,postrm,dirs},
      d/openvswitch-controller.postinst: Update PKI directory
      /usr/share/openvswitch -> /var/lib/openvswitch inline with
      upstream codebase, ensure existing installs are transitioned.
    + d/ovs-monitor-ipsec: Correctly detect IPSEC configuration changes.
* d/watch: Add watch file for easier upstream release tracking.
* d/control,d/tests: Add DEP-8 tests from raring packaging.

29. By James Page on 2013-07-10

* Ensure that STP error messages for non-existent ports don't flood
  syslog (LP: #1134103):
  - d/p/ofproto-Rate-limit-STP-status-errors-on-non-existent-ports.patch:
    Cherry picked fix from upstream VCS which rate-limits STP error

28. By James Page on 2013-02-16

* Fix broken brcompat module due to circular DKMS build dependency
  causing brcompat.o to be excluded from module (LP: #1125611):
  - d/p/0009-datapath-rename-brcompat.c-to-brcompat_main.c.patch:
    Cherry picked fix from upstream VCS which renames brcompat.c ->
    brcompat_main.c to support drop of _mod suffix.

27. By James Page on 2013-02-06

* Fix compatibility with 3.5 kernel (LP: #1116382):
  - d/p/000*.patch: Cherry picked fixes from upstream VCS for kernel 3.5
    support, including removing the _mod suffix from DKMS built modules.
  - d/dkms.conf.in,rule.modules: Drop _mod suffix from built modules.
* Ensure DKMS modules are automatically re-built with kernel upgrades
  (LP: #962189):
  - d/dkms.conf.in: Use AUTOINSTALL=yes.

26. By Adam Gandelman on 2012-09-07

debian/patches/lp1044318-Reset-upper-layer-protocol-info.patch: Cherry
picked upstream patch to avoid critical issues with SNAT/DNAT when OVS
is chained with other Linux components. (LP: #1044318)

25. By Adam Gandelman on 2012-07-26

debian/patches/fix_ftbfs_big_endian.patch: Fix FTBFS on PPC.

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