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213. By Serge Hallyn

put libvirt-bin dnsmasq file into /etc/dnsmasq.d-available, and
create a symlink in /etc/dnsmasq.d, to avoid problems when removing
and re-installing libvirt-bin. (LP: #1113821)

212. By Serge Hallyn

[ Adam Conrad ]
* libvirt-bin.postinst: also put admin group members into the libvirtd
  group, to support systems installed before precise. (LP: #1124127)
* libvirt-bin.postinst: use getent group instead of grep /etc/group

[ Serge Hallyn ]
* Update README.Debian:
  - we use libvirtd, not libvirt group (LP: #1095140)
  - we add users from sudo, not admin group, to libvirtd.
* Handle two usb devices with same vendor/id (LP: #1082213)
  - ubuntu/qemu-Keep-list-of-USB-devices-attached-to-domains
  - ubuntu/usb-create-functions-to-search-usb-device
  - ubuntu/qemu-call-usb-search-function-for-hostdev

[ Andres Lagar-Cavilla ]
* Add RESUME event listener to qemu monitor (LP: #1097824)
  - ubuntu/handle_resume.patch

[ Kirill Zaborsky ]
* Add proper handling for EINTR signal (LP: #1092826)
  - ubuntu/fix-poll.patch

211. By Serge Hallyn

* add patch Reduce-udevadm-settle-timeout-to-10-seconds.patch (copied from
  Debian tree) to fix 3 minute hang during pool-refresh when using LVM
  backed pools. (LP: #1027987)
* add upstream patch command-avoid-double-close-bugs toi avoid a race when
  starting multiple VMs concurrently. (LP: #1055658)

210. By Serge Hallyn

* storage-fix-a-potential-crash-when-creating-vol-object: avoid a crash
  on bad free() on error lvm storage. (LP: #1035320)
* add pm-utils as suggests to avoid log spamming with messages about
  pm-is-supported not being found. (LP: #994476)

209. By Serge Hallyn

debian/apparmor/libvirt-qemu: add ceph.conf (LP: #1026404)

208. By Serge Hallyn

* debian/libvirt-bin.install, debian/rules: name the apport file
  source_libvirt.py, not source_libvirt-bin.py. (LP: #1007405)
* install /etc/dnsmasq.d/libvirt to configure system wide dnsmasq to not
  listen on the libvirt bridge. (Following St├ęphane's lxc example)
  (LP: #928524) (LP: #231060)
  - postinst: restart dnsmasq; postrm: remove dnsmasq.d/libvirt file and
    restart dnsmasq; rules, libvirt-bin.dirs and libvirt-bin.install:
    install new debian/libvirt-bin.dnsmasq file.
* Warn user about bad pc-0.12 machine type, and help user transition.
  (LP: #1001625)
  - qemu-warn-on-pc-0.12.patch: When defining or starting a VM which uses the
    pc-0.12 machine type, warn in libvirtd.log.
  - debian/libvirt-migrate-qemu-machinetype: automatically migrate QEMU VMs
    to newest machine type. This is not done automatically as there will
    be some users who have good reason to stay with pc-0.12.

207. By Serge Hallyn

debian/apparmor/usr.sbin.libvirtd: allow execution of /lib/udev/scsi_id
(LP: #992378)

206. By Serge Hallyn

debian/apparmor/usr.lib.libvirt.virt-aa-helper: add /**.qed r so qed
drives in non-standard locations can be used. (LP: #981571)

205. By Serge Hallyn

[ Serge Hallyn ]
* Apply patches from Josh Durgin <email address hidden> to make
  attaching rbd volumes and taking snapshots of them work.
  - ubuntu/9022-qemu-unescape-HMP-commands-before-converting-them-to.patch
  - ubuntu/9023-qemu-change-rbd-auth_supported-separation-character-.patch
  - ubuntu/9024-qemu-allow-snapshotting-of-sheepdog-and-rbd-disks.patch
  - ubuntu/9025-qemu-change-rbd-auth_supported-separation-character-.patch

[ Stefan Bader ]
* Do not use vfb sections in HVM graphics definitions (side-
  effect will create a vkbd device as well which causes error
  messages in the HVM guest). (LP: #973529)

204. By Stefan Bader

[ Stefan Bader ]
* Use domain/status to check for inactive domains in the xend sub-
  driver. (LP: #929626)
* Prevent the hypervisor sub-driver from logging an internal error
  just because it cannot find a certain domain when looking for
  the number of vcpus. (LP: #963006)

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