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206. By Serge Hallyn on 2012-04-16

debian/apparmor/usr.lib.libvirt.virt-aa-helper: add /**.qed r so qed
drives in non-standard locations can be used. (LP: #981571)

205. By Serge Hallyn on 2012-04-05

[ Serge Hallyn ]
* Apply patches from Josh Durgin <email address hidden> to make
  attaching rbd volumes and taking snapshots of them work.
  - ubuntu/9022-qemu-unescape-HMP-commands-before-converting-them-to.patch
  - ubuntu/9023-qemu-change-rbd-auth_supported-separation-character-.patch
  - ubuntu/9024-qemu-allow-snapshotting-of-sheepdog-and-rbd-disks.patch
  - ubuntu/9025-qemu-change-rbd-auth_supported-separation-character-.patch

[ Stefan Bader ]
* Do not use vfb sections in HVM graphics definitions (side-
  effect will create a vkbd device as well which causes error
  messages in the HVM guest). (LP: #973529)

204. By Stefan Bader on 2012-03-23

[ Stefan Bader ]
* Use domain/status to check for inactive domains in the xend sub-
  driver. (LP: #929626)
* Prevent the hypervisor sub-driver from logging an internal error
  just because it cannot find a certain domain when looking for
  the number of vcpus. (LP: #963006)

203. By Serge Hallyn on 2012-03-13

* re-enable numa (undo delta against debian) (LP: #614322):
  - debian/control: remove from dependencies
  - debian/rules: turn it off

202. By Serge Hallyn on 2012-03-12

ubuntu/skip-labelling-network-disks.patch: don't try to label network
drives with apparmor. It fails. (LP: #949428)

201. By Stefan Bader on 2012-03-07

[ Stefan Bader ]
Never use type=ioemu for NIC definitions. It is not needed
and actually breaks the paravirt interface which always gets
created in parallel.

200. By Serge Hallyn on 2012-03-02

[ Serge Hallyn ]
* run dnsmasq as a new libvirt-dnsmasq user (LP: #938255)
  - ubuntu/dnsmasq-as-priv-user: add '-u libvirt-dnsmasq' to dnsmasq args
  - debian/libvirt-bin.postinst: create libvirt-dnsmasq user
  - tests/networkxml2argvdata/*.argv: update expected dnsmasq command lines
    to include '-u libvirt-dnsmasq'.

[ Chuck Short ]
* cherry-pick rewrite-lxc-controller-eof-handling-yet-again (commit
  9130396214975ba2251082f943c9717281039050) from upstream.

199. By Serge Hallyn on 2012-02-15

debian/control: add libgcrypt11-dev to build-depends (LP: #932889)

198. By Serge Hallyn on 2012-02-08

[ Stefan Bader ]
* xen_hypervisor: libvirtd can be started before xenfs has been loaded
  as a module. A missing privcmd file is not necessarily a permanent
  error. (LP: #922486)

[ Serge Hallyn ]
* debian/libvirt-bin.upstart: start on just 'runlevel [2345]'

197. By Serge Hallyn on 2012-02-01

ubuntu/fix-bridge-fd.patch: cherrypick commit
2d5046d31f4f5c961fc4aa6b415a00bb9eadae2b from upstream to write the
bridge delay to the right file. (LP: #924446)

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