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13. By Matthieu Baerts on 2012-04-02

* New upstream release. (LP: #967851)
* Upstream Changelog;
 - Document compilation: set temporary location if file not saved
 - More documentation
 - Structure: bug fix for the display of simple lists
 - Build View: remove button "show critical errors"
 - Templates: code clean-up
 - More LaTeX commands for the completion
 - F12 shortcut to show/hide the side panel
 - TODO file removed (now in the wiki)
 - Updated Spanish, Slovenian, Serbian, French, German, Latvian,
    Norwegian bokmål and Czech translations

12. By Stefano Rivera on 2012-02-13

* New upstream release. (LP: #930810)
* Upstream ChangeLog:
 + 2.2 -> 2.3.0:
  - Spell checking with GtkSpell
  - Build Tools: add XeTeX -> PDF with Latexmk
  - Improve figure environment insertion
  - Templates: better icons
  - Added Esperanto translation
  - Updated Swedish, French and German translations
  - New CMake option: VALAC
  - Switch to Vala 0.14
 + 2.3.0 -> 2.3.1:
  - More completion data
  - Support drag and drop of a list of files
  - Completion: code clean-up
  - Beamer environments: frame, block, columns, column
    (in the LaTeX menu and in the edit toolbar)
  - Fix bug for structure actions 'delete' and 'cut'
  - Add Simplified Chinese, Norwegian bokmål translations
  - Updated Spanish translation
* debian/control:
 - libgtkspell-dev is now needed as a new build-dep
 - Added texlive-xetex as suggested package for 'latexila'
* debian/watch:
 - Upstream tarballs are now compressed in .tar.xz

11. By Leo Iannacone on 2012-01-17

[ Leo Iannacone ]
* Merge from Debian testing (LP: #913151). Remaining changes:
  + debian/rules:
    - override_dh_auto_configure passing -DWITH_GNOME=ON as a better
      integration with GNOME and gsettings-desktop-schemas
  + debian/control:
    - added texlive-latex-recommended, hicolor-icon-theme as
      recommended packages
    - moved rubber from depends to suggested
    - added texlive-latex-extra as suggested
* All other Ubuntu changes are dropped as no longer needed, or have
  been imported in the last debian packages.

[ Mahyuddin Susanto ]
* debian/control: Fix typos, Suggest -> Suggests.

10. By Daniel Holbach on 2011-09-12

* New upstream release. (LP: #837392)
* Upstream ChangeLog:
 - Integration with GNOME Damned Lies (use ITS Tool, ...)
 - Structure: more robust, and more optimized
 - Latexmk post processor: extract Latexmk messages
 - BibTeX and MakeIndex: fix problems for writing *.blg or *.ind files
 - Some UI improvements
 - New CMake options: WITH_GNOME and COMPILE_SCHEMA
 - Open File: filter to show only .tex and .bib files
 - Translation updates: French, German and Spanish
 - Some other little improvements and bug fixes
* debian/control: Build-Depends:
 - valac is no longer needed (valac 0.12.x is not available on Oneiric).
 - itstool is now needed.
* debian/rules:
 - Removed -DBUILD_VALA=ON CMake flag: we can't translate Vala
    files with Vala 0.13.
 - Added -DWITH_GNOME=ON: Better integration with GNOME
    and gsettings-desktop-schemas.

9. By Matthieu Baerts on 2011-08-11

* debian/control:
 - Build-Depends: Added gsettings-desktop-schemas-dev
    (requested by the upstream)
 - Depends: Added gsettings-desktop-schemas and removed useless
    packages added by ${shlibs:Depends}.
* debian/rules: Added BUILD_VALA flag in order to translate .vala
   files with valac package from the distribution (0.13)

8. By Matthieu Baerts on 2011-08-11

[ Matthieu Baerts (matttbe) <email address hidden> ]
* New upstream release. (LP: #823566)
* Upstream ChangeLog:
 + From 2.0.8 to 2.1.0:
  - Build Tools: Latexmk by default instead of Rubber
     (Rubber is still available)
  - New build tools: "low level" commands
     (latex, pdflatex, dvipdf, etc.)
  - Show/hide a build tool
  - Build View: show/hide errors/warnings/badboxes
  - File Browser: new icon for images
  - Structure of a document to easily navigate in it
  - Some code clean-up and little fixes
 + From 2.1.0 to 2.1.1:
  - Structure:
   ~ better implemenation (custom Gtk.TreeModel)
   ~ better performances (line-by-line parsing)
   ~ simple lists of items, to find more quickly one element
   ~ some actions: cut, copy, delete, select, comment, shift left/right
  - Build Tools: copy button to duplicate a build tool
  - Mallard documentation about the build tools
  - Build View: text is selectable, so we can copy/paste it
  - Cleanup Build Files: take into account projects
  - Show/hide the main toolbar
  - Fix: Build Tools not available on a .bib project file
  - dconf: scripts for migrating latexila 2.0.x -> 2.2.x
  - Some other little improvements and bug fixes
 + Note: These 2.1.x versions are the beta releases of next 2.2.x version.
* debian/control:
 - Maintainer: Used the update-maintainer command.
 - latexila: updated the dependence list: replaced rubber by latexmk
    (see the ChangeLog above) (rubber is now suggested).
 - Added texlive-latex-extra as suggested package.
 - Added texlive-latex-recommended as recommended package
    (needed to build some templates).
 - Added gsettings-desktop-schemas and hicolor-icon-theme as
    recommended packages (requested by the upstream).

[ Micah Gersten <email address hidden> ]
* Bump minimum valac build dependency to 0.12.1 to match the change in
  - update debian/control

7. By Tanguy Ortolo <email address hidden> on 2011-06-26

* New upstream version.
* Upstream project now hosted by GNOME:
   + debian/control: New Homepage.
   + debian/watch: New release site (GNOME FTP) and tarball format (XZ'ed).
* debian/control: updated Standards-Version -no change required).

6. By Tanguy Ortolo <email address hidden> on 2011-05-02

* New upstream release (bug and typo fixes). (LP: #731514)
* Rebuilt with debhelper >= 8.1.5 to detect the dependency on the dconf
  backend. (Closes: #620388)

5. By Tanguy Ortolo <email address hidden> on 2011-03-08

* New upstream release (bug fixes). (Closes: #615844)
* debian/control: depend on rubber (a LaTeX IDE is almost useless if it
  cannot compile). (Closes: #617348)

4. By Tanguy Ortolo <email address hidden> on 2011-02-26

* New upstream version (new dependencies).
* debian/control: bumped Standards-Version (no modification required).
* debian/copyright: switched to DEP-5.
* debian/latexila{,-data}.lintian-overrides: override two lintian false
  positives, due to the package split between latexila and latexila-data.
* debian/rules: install NEWS as upstream changelog.

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