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160. By Alberto Milone

* data/handlers/broadcom_wl.py, jockey/handlers.py:
  - Add an argument to pass a fake the kernel version for testing.
  - Do not autoinstall if Linux >= 3.11 (LP: #1306928).
  - Disable device rebinding if Linux >= 3.8 (LP: #1247712).
* tests/shipped_handlers.py:
  - Test rebinding and autoinstalling the broadcom driver with
    different kernels.

159. By Alberto Milone

* jockey/oslib.py, jockey/xorg_driver.py:
  - Add code to fully enable hybrid graphics when using
    Saucy's LTS stack, and the future Trusty stack
    (LP: #1279229).
* tests/hybridgraphics.py:
  - Add tests which simulate the availability of Saucy's
    and Trusty's backported stacks.

158. By Alberto Milone

* jockey/xorg_driver.py, tests/hybridgraphics.py:
  - Add support for systems with two or more AMD GPUs.
    This is very useful now that AMD's APUs have been
    released (LP: #1272311).
  - Adjust the tests so that they no longer fail when
    dealing with systems with multiple AMD GPUs (now
    dealt with by the fglrx-pxpress package).

157. By Alberto Milone

* data/handlers/fglrx.py:
  - Show the driver as enabled when pxpress is in use.
    Thanks to Doro Wu for the patch (LP: #1196848).
  - Add handlers for -experimental-{12|13}.
  - Only -experimental-13 supports hybrid graphics.
* data/handlers/nvidia.py:
  - Add handlers for 319/-updates 304/-updates.
  - Only 319/-updates support hybrid graphics.
  - Make sure to remove the correct nvidia-settings
* data/handlers/{fglrx|nvidia}.py:
  - Add support for Hybrid Graphics (LP: #1198942):
    + Driver handlers now need to state that they support
      hybrid graphics and subclass either the
      _NvidiaDriverHybridBase class or the FglrxDriverHybrid
    + Drivers which don't claim to support hybrid graphics
      will not show up on hybrid systems.
    + If the nvidia-prime or the fglrx-pxpress packages are
      not available, the drivers won't be available on
      hybrid systems. This avoids breaking systems which
      require further configuration which only these two
      packages provide.
    + Jockey doesn't touch the xorg.conf when dealing with
      hybrid graphics (as either nvidia-prime or
      fglrx-pxpress will take care of it).
    + Hybrid Graphics is only supported on systems which
      use Raring's backported X and kernel.
* jockey/xorg_driver.py:
  - Add supports_hybrid_graphics class attribute.
  - Add has_hybrid_graphics class attribute.
  - Add better support for faking devices and packages.
  - Ignore transitional packages.
* jockey/oslib.py:
  - Add package_transitional() method.
  - Add package_available() method.
  - Make current_xorg_video_abi take into account
    backported packages.
  - Catch additional arguments in package_installed().
    This gives us some flexibility when using fake
    devices for testing.
  - Add some checks for raring's backported xserver.
* tests/hybridgraphics.py:
  - Add coverage for hybrid graphics.
* tests/oslib.py:
  - Deal with the multiple video abis that drivers may
  - Make sure that the kernel headers are available before
* tests/sandbox.py:
  - Report a more compliant fake X ABI.
  - Update package_installed() to match the one in oslib.py.

156. By Alberto Milone

* jockey/kerneldetection.py:
  - Catch KeyError in get_linux_metapackage() (LP: #1123107).
    Sometimes the "Source" key is not available.
* tests/kerneldetection.py:
  - Add two tests to make sure that get_linux_metapackage()
    doesn't raise a KeyError when dealing with packages
    without a "Source" field and that the function doesn't
    stop if one or two packages don't have the said field.

155. By Alberto Milone

* Add jockey/kerneldetection.py, tests/kerneldetection.py,
  tests/fakesysfs.py and tests/testarchive.py:
  - This is a backport of code originally written for the
    ubuntu-drivers-common package.
* jockey/oslib.py:
  - Use kerneldetection.KernelDetection() to get the
    linux metapackage (LP: #1123107).

154. By Alberto Milone

* data/handlers/fglrx.py:
  - Fix typo which caused the handler to fail (LP: #1080588).

153. By Alberto Milone

* jockey/oslib.py, jockey/xorg_driver.py:
  - Add some checks for quantal's backported xserver so as not to
    provide drivers which don't support it (LP: #1080588).
* data/handlers/fglrx.py:
  - Make sure to mark the experimental driver as such (LP: #1078290).
  - Always pass "fglrx" to get the alternative name or jockey will
    fail to set the correct alternative.

152. By Alberto Milone

* data/handlers/fglrx.py:
  - Add support for the experimental-9 flavour (LP: #1078290).

151. By Alberto Milone

* data/handlers/nvidia.py:
  - Add support for the experimental-310 flavour (LP: #1047681).

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