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30. By Chris Coulson

hardened-cc: don't set -Wformat options if they are already set
(LP: #1347257)

29. By Colin Watson

Make bash-completion Multi-Arch: foreign, so that it can satisfy

28. By Kees Cook

hardening-check: fix function-finder to accept IFUNC too, improve
reporting slightly, improve manpage to explain false alarms.

27. By Kees Cook

* debian/control: switch to "optional" priority so lintian can depend
  on hardening-includes.
* hardening-check: rewrite in Perl, add "--lintian" mode, to support
  fixing bug 650536.

26. By Kees Cook

* debian/control: update VCS tags for bzr.
* hardening{-check,.make}: correct documentation from -O2 to -O1.
* hardened-{cc,ld}, hardening.make, debian/rules: use DEB_HOST_ARCH instead
  of of DEB_HOST_ARCH_CPU for behavioral defaults (Closes: 635642).

25. By Kees Cook

* debian/control:
  - bump to standards 3.9.2; no changes needed
  - hardening-wrapper: mark as Multi-Arch: foreign for build sanity.
* debian/source/format: mark as 3.0 native.

24. By Kees Cook

* debian/rules, debian/hardening-wrapper.{prerm,preinst,postinst}:
  remove gcc-4.1 diversions since it has been removed from unstable.
* hardened-cc, hardening.make: add "-Werror=format-security" by default
  (Closes: #587358).
* tests/Makefile.common, tests/format.c: add test for newly added
  "-Werror=format-security" default option.
* hardened-cc, hardening.make: add "--param ssp-buffer-size=4" by
  default to catch smaller character arrays.
* tests/Makefile.common, tests/ssp-buffer-size-{protect,skip}.c:
  add tests for newly added "--param ssp-buffer-size=4" default.
* debian/README.Debian: updated to include newly added options.
* hardened-cc: disable -fstack-protector when -ffreestanding used.
* hardening.make: provide examples for working around build-time
  collisions between "-fPIE" and "-fPIC" (Closes: #596150).

23. By Kees Cook

* tests/Makefile.common: do not require @@GLIBC suffix for nm tests.
* tests/Makefile.wrapper: include symlink for ld.gold testing.
* hardening-check: improve hardening-check to parse BIND_NOW also from
  the FLAGS dynamic section.

22. By Kees Cook

* debian/README.Debian: update for gcc versions, include minimal
  notes on hardening-includes (Closes: 592847, 592846).
* debian/rules, debian/hardening-wrapper.{prerm,postinst}: add gcc-4.6
  to the diversion list.
* debian/control: remove binutils-multiarch conflict now that ld.bfd
  is no longer diverted.

21. By Kees Cook

* debian/control: add Conflicts for binutils-multiarch (Closes: 579409,
  LP: #596136).
* debian/hardening-wrapper.postrm: remove attempted diversions on
  installation failure.

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