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248. By Martin Pitt on 2012-04-16

[ Sebastien Bacher ]
* debian/patches/git_wacom_translations.patch:
  - updated, list the source files in POTFILES.in as well

[ Martin Pitt ]
* New upstream bug fix release:
  - Fix translation of the rotation drop-down
  - Make controls insensitive when a user is not selected
  - Fix alignment of the "Map to Monitor..." button
  - Use PrinterAddOption method to set media size
  - Updated translations
* Drop patches applied upstream:
  - accounts_handle_system_user.patch
  - git_rotation_translation.patch

247. By Didier Roche on 2012-04-12

* debian/patches/04_new_appearance_settings.patch:
  - add edge corner reveal support for unity-2d now that it supports it
  - unref the new gsettings object introduced in a previous upload
* debian/patches/54_enable_alt_tap_in_shortcut.patch:
  - enable assign alt and other key for the HUD shortcut in both Unity 2D
    and 3D (LP: #969256)
    (applied very late in the build for now as dep on
* debian/patches/96_sound_nua_panel.patch:
  - quiet debug output, patch from ronoc
* debian/patches/50_ubuntu_systemwide_prefs.patch:
  - fix the patch to really show "apply system wide" for new users

246. By Sebastien Bacher on 2012-04-10

* debian/patches/96_sound_nua_panel.patch:
  - updated to quiet warnings on start (lp: #973312)
* debian/patches/git_wacom_translations.patch:
  - set wacom strings as translatable (lp: #978153)
* debian/patches/git_rotation_translation.patch:
  - git patch, correctly translation display rotation strings

[ Michael Terry ]
* debian/patches/accounts_fix_unsetting_icon.patch:
  - Don't try to send NULL string over DBus when unsetting the user
    icon. Instead use an empty string. LP: #978049

245. By Michael Terry on 2012-04-09

[ Jeremy Bicha ]
* debian/patches/50_ubuntu_systemwide_prefs.patch:
  - Network proxy: Show "apply system wide" for sudo group too
    (LP: #967978, LP: #893842)

[ Michael Terry ]
* debian/patches/accounts_handle_system_user.patch:
  - Disable user controls when no user is selected, to prevent crashes
    in code that doesn't expect that situation. LP: #908140

244. By Sebastien Bacher on 2012-04-04

* debian/patches/96_sound_nua_panel.patch:
  - if the "sound" panel is asked under Unity load "sound-nua" rather
    than bailing out, that's better than patching all softwares calling it
  - update the tabs enum so command lines call load the right one

[ Jeremy Bicha ]
* debian/patches/04_new_appearance_settings.patch:
  - Set the gsettings window theme value also (used by GNOME Shell 3.4)

243. By Sebastien Bacher on 2012-03-30

* debian/patches/96_sound_nua_panel.patch:
  - change the a11y sound link to open soundnua under unity (lp: #963618)
* debian/patches/classic_use_sound_indicator.patch:
  - don't autostart the sound applet under GNOME classic sessions since
    indicators are used (lp: #965288)
* debian/patches/04_new_appearance_settings.patch:
  - don't display a (null) background size when a solid color is used
    (lp: #944076)
  - set "default" string as translatable (lp: #968290)

242. By Didier Roche on 2012-03-28

* debian/patches/51_unity_options_in_display_panel.patch:
  - use the same case that was in debian/patches/new_translations_hack.patch
    for translators (Sentence case and not Title Case) (LP: #967110)
  - do not show the panel on the preview, only the launcher (LP: #967027)
  - Add a separator for the unity settings (LP: #967121)
  - Fix some missing redrawing call (LP: #967136)
* debian/patches/new_translations_hack.patch:
  - removed the translation as used in the other patch
* debian/patches/04_new_appearance_settings.patch:
  - add launcher sensitivity to 2D settings now that 2D supports it as well
  - reveal spot won't make it in 2D, hide it in this session
  - remove a warning on non Unity session

241. By Michael Terry on 2012-03-23

* debian/patches/fix-crash-on-user-panel.patch:
  - Fix occasional crash when closing user panel (LP: #873679)

240. By Didier Roche on 2012-03-23

* debian/patches/51_unity_options_in_display_panel.patch:
  - add the options to the display panel for unity multimonitor support.
    Choice where the launcher can be set (one monitor, all monitor) and
    sticky edges. (LP: #950136)
* debian/patches/revert_git_keyboard_gsettings.patch:
  - refreshed
* debian/patches/04_new_appearance_settings.patch:
  - revert the "click to get directly to a position" on the scroll bar.
    This should be done in gtk to get the same behavior everywhere. Too
    late for this cycle though.
  - fix the scrolling since gtk introduced GDK_SCROLL_SMOOTH.

239. By Sebastien Bacher on 2012-03-19

* debian/patches/dont_download_local_image.patch:
  - bugzilla patch from Ryan Lortie, should fix public images
    selected as wallpaper not showing in unity-greeter (lp: #672405)

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