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21. By Till Kamppeter on 2012-05-16

[ Till Kamppeter ]
* New upstream release
   - pdftops: Allow selection whether Ghostscript or Poppler is used
     at runtime, setting the "pdftops-renderer" option to "gs" or
     "pdftops". This way one can switch to Poppler per-queue if there
     are incompatibilities with certain PostScript printers.
   - pdftops: Allow setting an upper limit for the image rendering
     resolution, also at runtime, setting the option
     "pdftops-max-image-resolution-default" to the desired limit in dpi.
     "0" means no limit.
   - pdftops: Fixed crash by wrong usage of sizeof() function when adding
     "Collate" to the fifth command line argument for the "pstops" CUPS
     filter call (LP: #982675).
   - pdftops: Removed newline from copies value when reading it from
     the "%%PDFTOPDFNumCopies" entry of the incoming PDF file.
   - pdftops: Silenced compiler warning about ignoring the return
     value of the write() function.
   - pdftops: Added a crash guard.
   - pdftops: Start determining the printing resolution with
     cupsRasterInterpretPPD(), this is the most reliable as often
     the choice names of the "Resolution" option are marketing names
     with higher numerical values than the actual resolution. Also
     ignore error exit values of cupsRasterInterpretPPD() as the
     function can error out after having found the resolution
     (LP: #984082).
   - pdftops: If printing resolution is determined by
     cupsRasterInterpretPPD() do not stick on 100 dpi if the
     resolution cannot be determined (LP: #984082).
* debian/rules: Set default renderer for the pdftops filter to Poppler
  due to many printer's buggy interpreters having problems with GhostScript's
  PostScript and set image rendering resolution limit of the pdftops filter
  to 360 dpi to prevents slow processing by the printer if very high
  resolutions are used or if the printing resolution is mis-detected by the
  pdftops filter (LP: #668800, LP #951627 (comment #30), LP: #998087,
  LP: #992982 (comments #26, #27, #30, #31), LP: #997728, LP: #994477,
  LP: #998087, LP: #978120, LP: #862167).

[ Didier Raboud ]
* Drop libtiff5-dev, just use libtiff-dev, this fixes the FTBFS due to
  incompatibility with cups.

20. By Till Kamppeter on 2012-04-20

* New upstream release
   - pdftopdf: Fixed segmentation fault when printing selected pages
     ("page-ranges" option, LP: #980673).

19. By Till Kamppeter on 2012-04-16

* New upstream release
   - pdftopdf: Fixed segmentation faults when using N-up with certain PDF
     files (LP: #980673) and when calling pdftopdf manually without
     specifyting a PPD file.

18. By Till Kamppeter on 2012-04-11

* New upstream release
   - pdftops: Suppress image compression only for Brother printers as they
     really need this measure to print at all. This accelerates printer-
     internal job processing on most other printers (tested on HP and
     Kyocera). Also suppress page compression on Kyocera printers, this
     works around a bug in Kyocera's PostScript interpreters which makes
     printing pages with images very slow (LP: #977912).

17. By Till Kamppeter on 2012-04-10

* New upstream release
   - pdftops: Determine printing resolution from the PPD file and supply
     it on the Ghostscript or pdftops (Poppler) command line, so that
     the renderer does the image rendering with a resolution matching the
     printer's resolution. This avoids too slow processing of the jobs
     by the printer's built-in PostScript interpreter. In addition
     a default resolution of 300 dpi is used for PPDs without any hint
     of the printer's resolution, as most PostScript lasers use multiples
     of 300 dpi as resolution (LP: #977912).

16. By Till Kamppeter on 2012-04-10

* New upstream release
   - Fixed display of job date on test page and banner pages (LP: #975064).

15. By Till Kamppeter on 2012-04-05

* New upstream release
   - Fixed crash of imagetopdf filter when it is called manually
     without supplying a valid PPD file (LP: #973564).

14. By Till Kamppeter on 2012-03-30

[ Till Kamppeter ]
* New upstream release
   - Updated all code copied from Poppler to the current state of Poppler,
     to fix any bugs or security vulnerabilities which were in that
     Poppler code.
   - Made Poppler-based PDF filters building with various versions of
   - Deactivated NIME conversion rules which are not used by the PDF-
     based printing workflow.
   - Added generic PPD for native PDF printers.
   - Cleaned up sample PPD file HP-Color_LaserJet_CM3530_MFP-PDF.ppd.
   - imagetopdf: Added support for native PDF printers.
   - imagetopdf, imagetoraster: Let image input "scale to fit"
     by default. This makes photo printing via AirPrint work,
     as the iOS devices send JPEG but do not allow setting options.
   - pdftops: Generally do not compress fonts and images, and
     also do not do CCITT compression for bitmap glyphs to make
     the PostScript output more compatible with buggy PostScript
     interpreters. The output gets 30-50% longer but will work on
     many more different printer models. Problems were also
     discovered on HP and not only on Brother (LP: #960666).

[ Martin Pitt ]
* Drop debian/patches/poppler-pre-0.18.patch and patch machinery around it.
  It's not necessary with the current upstream version any more.

13. By Till Kamppeter on 2012-03-22

* New upstream release
   - pdftops: Generally do not compress fonts and images, and
     also do not do CCITT compression for bitmap glyphs to make
     the PostScript output more compatible with buggy PostScript
     interpreters. The output gets 30-50% longer but will work on
     many more different printer models. Problems were also
     discovered on HP and not only on Brother (LP: #960666).

12. By Till Kamppeter on 2012-03-21

* New upstream release
   - cups-filters 1.0.7 release
   - pdftops: Added debug mode for investigating PostScript printer
     incompatibilities and interpreter bugs. Now sending a job with
     "lpr -o psdebug" makes the filter sending uncompressed PostScript.
   - pdftops: Additional workaround for a bug in the PostsSript interpreters
     of Brother printers, calling Ghostscript with special command line
     options (LP: #955553).
   - pdftopdf: Correct handling of PJL output and page_log messages on
     native PDF printers and on printers using a driver after pdftopdf
     (including PostScript printers).
   - texttopdf: Full fontconfig support, several bug fixes and improvements
     to make the output work on more different PDF interpreters, including
     built-in interpreters in printers.
   - Fixed cupsfilters.drv PPD generator and rastertopclx filter to make the
     supported HP DesignJet printers actually work.
   - parallel backend: Use same method as CUPS to overcome infinite loop
     on side channel errors (LP: #936647, CUPS STR #4044).
   - "make clean" and "make distclesn" work also correctly now when called
     repeatedly (Closes: #663564).

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